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Numbersusa Stop Gang of EIght Amnesty Deport Congress

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Microsoft H1-B workers displaced American High Tech Workers

Microsoft’s immigration roundtable raises questions  my comment: Don’t think Bill Gates loves foreign Nationals, he just hates free Americans more. Before Bill Gates completely displaced the population around Redmond Washington with Imported Muslims, Indians ,Imported Asian workers, he hired American … Continue reading

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Gag Me_National Public Gets 1.5 million to cover Diversity

 but not crimes committed by “Diversity” nor the cost of the largest mass immigration in US History.  Will they cover stories about gays and mexicans and blacks that are deeply unflattering yet true? LAS VEGAS – National Public Radio, criticized … Continue reading

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Breaking News Major Drug Bust of Drug Traffickers with ICE Immigration

 Multi-Agency Drug Investigation Leads to Numerous Arrests, Drugs and Firearm Seizures in Northeast Oregon / Southeast Washington Oregon State Police– 08/02/12 T  names of the drug dealers are to be withheld until Monday but they  will turn out to be largely … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona immigration enforcement law SB1070- Roy Beckon PBS

Action Alert Anne Manetas Roy on PBS Newshour tonight to discuss Arizona law Dear NumbersUSA activists, If you are interested in hearing more about today’s Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070 and its effects on the 20 million under … Continue reading

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Call White House and Obama -to Protest His Corrupt Illegal Amnesty by Presidential Order President Bypasses Congress, Violates U.S. Constitution;  Amnesty Declared for Millions of Illegal Aliens!Obama Decrees the Very Amnesty Congress Rejected. Dear Snoremonster, For over a decade, NumbersUSA has fought every effort by Congress to pass an amnesty. We’ve fought against proposals … Continue reading

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Take Survey on US Overpopulation Due to Mass Immigration

2012 Earth Day Survey  go to and take the Population Of the US Survey.     1. Is U.S. population growth causing the country to use up its natural resources too fast? Is U.S. population growth causing the country … Continue reading

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Pass Everify! Donate to Numbersusa – Say Snoremonster Sent You: Stop Illegal Aliens from Using American IDs to Illegally obtain jobs   U.S. House Began Action on E-Verify TODAY — Most Important Bill in Our 15-year HistoryJudiciary Com. ‘Marking Up’ E-Verify, the Bill that Will Put Illegal Aliens Out of Work; Critical Votes Through Next Week Our Goal: $117,569 by … Continue reading

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