September Trial For Emma West Victim Delayed Once Again



Emma West, tram lady, trial adjourned


By Richard Milnes

Sep 5, 2012 in Crime
By Richard Milnes.
Croydon– Emma West had been due to face Croydon Crown Court on Wednesday, 5 September, but her case was adjourned again, for the third time.

This Is Croydonreports that Emma West of New Addington, is charged with two racially aggravated public order offences after video was posted on YouTube.


The case has been adjourned again as the Crown Prosecution Service has asked for further reports to be compiled.


The case had previously been adjournments in June and July. Both times the reason given was the need for further psychiatric reports.


The BBCreported in February that 34-year old Emma West pleaded not guilty over an alleged ‘racist’ rant.


The Daily Mailhad reported that she had taken a double dose of her medication on the day of the incident.


Although her views were not expressed in the most ladylike manner, as reported by Digital Journal the vast majority of the UK population are strongly against the current out of control immigration situation.

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