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Alberto’s Landscaping 206-455-9397 Illegal Alien Call ICE to deport Him

Alberto’s landscaping Job thief and con artist HIRE ALBERTO HE IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ we have the service you need at a low cost  because we don’t pay taxes and we live with another mexican female who gets  WIC food … Continue reading

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Breaking Hate Crime April 27 2012 Black Flash Mob Chases White Female Portland Oregon -Robbery & Assault Portland Police Investigating Friday Night Flash Mob Theft

More hate crimes against Whites in Portland because the Blacks know everyone is afraid of being called a racist Portland Police Investigating Friday Night Flash Mob Theft \ Portland Police Bureau – 04/28/12 2012-04/3056/53846/ Friday April 27, 2012, at approximately 11:04 … Continue reading

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Cheipot, Cheoluson Negroid Illegal alien Rapist Arrested Portland Sanctuary City for Foriegn Criminals

  Cheipot, Cheoluson was allowed to live illegally in Portland, because in Portland the Police do not work with ICE ( whats left of ICE after Obama gutted it) nor do they ever check for immigration status.. As a matter of fact they only contact ICE … Continue reading

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27 Mexican Mafia Associates arrested Indicted in Los California- Illegal aliens are criminals January 2012  Now tell me that legalizing Marijuana and gettting rid of the US border will get rid of criminals like the above 27 ( plus 28 million more) I am sure they will all settle down and sell … Continue reading

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Arturo Cantu, Drunk Mexican Crashes into Utility Pole: Washington County Oregon Sanctuary for drunk illegal mexicans

04/25/12 DUII Driver Crashes into Utility Pole Causing Road Closure Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office– 04/25/12 Crash Photo Summary of Event: Borders are not enforced, millions of illegal drunk short mexicans cross border, and kill Americans and lie and steal … Continue reading

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Maria Puga Widow of Anastasio Hernandez-Roj sob story over Border Patrol killing her crimina illegal husband

Dear  stupid gringo gullible American Sometimes my six-year-old son asks me: “Why did they kill daddy, why did they kill him?” Well its because he was a criminal who lied and came to the US illegally. Shit happens.stay in mexico … Continue reading

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Immigration Hold Six Illegal aliens Miriam_Gonzalez_Hernandez Mexican Drug Cartel Dealers Busted drug trafficking operation Milwaukie, Oregon Sanctuary State for Illegal Mexicans

CCSO: [PHOTOS ATTACHED] Inter-agency operation leads to arrest of six people in drug trafficking operation read the following link for the comments  Thanks to Obama ,Oregon has been taken over by Mexican drug runners, yet it’s considered racist to enforce US immigration … Continue reading

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