Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona immigration enforcement law SB1070- Roy Beckon PBS

NumbersUSA Action Alert
Anne Manetas
Roy on PBS Newshour tonight to discuss Arizona law
Dear NumbersUSA activists,

If you are interested in hearing more about today’s Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070 and its effects on the 20 million under and unemployed Americans, you will want to tune in to PBS Newshour at 6 p.m. EDT today to see Roy Beck as one of the featured guests. Be sure to check your local listing for times here:

Many of you ask us to alert you when someone from NumbersUSA will be on a major television network. We don’t always have advance notice, but we have some today. And given the variety of ways the story has already been spun in today’s news cycle, you may be especially interested in tuning in and hearing the real implications of the Supreme Court decision on SB 1070 announced today.

In short, the Supreme Court ruling today has affirmed states’ ability to actively pursue Attrition Through Enforcement strategies. We are updating our website continually throughout the day with news and analysis of the ruling, but Roy’s statement below offers a concise summary:

“NumbersUSA is pleased that the Supreme Court has upheld states’ inherent authority to assist the Federal government in enforcing immigration laws.

“The most important state immigration-enforcement tool — mandatory E-Verify to keep illegal aliens from obtaining jobs — was upheld by the court a year ago.

“Under the Court rulings, all states have room to aggressively pursue attrition-through-enforcement measures even if the President of the United States chooses to ignore or violate congressionally passed immigration laws.

“We are particularly heartened by Justice Scalia’s opinion that specifically questions the Obama Administration’s unilateral decision not to enforce the law against 1.4 million illegal aliens under the age of 30.”

Please continue to check our website throughout the day and tomorrow for more information and analysis.

Thank you for all you do.

Anne Manetas
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