Darwin Awards Two Dumb Mexicans Shoot Each Other Antonio Barocio, 26, and Pedro Alvarez-Valdovinos, 23,

Unintentional Shotgun Blast Wounds Two Dumb Illegal Alien presumed Mexicans Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office– 07/30/12

 And you the American Taxpayer get to pay for the medical bill .  The immigration papers of the mexicans were not checked so they can still run around Oregon with their Guns

Two Salem friends are recovering from minor gunshot wounds to their legs following an unintentional shooting mishap on Friday evening, July 27th.

Antonio Barocio, 26, and Pedro Alvarez-Valdovinos, 23, were targeting shooting on Crooked Finger Road east of Silverton at around 8:00pm. They were taking turns firing a 12-guage shotgun at a target. Each had fired two rounds at the target, and thinking the gun was empty, they walked back toward their vehicle when it suddenly discharged into the ground. The birdshot from the round ricocheted off the ground and struck both of them in the legs.

They transported themselves to the Silverton Hospital for treatment. Deputy Ron Cereghino contacted both at the hospital and learned that Barocio was carrying the gun when it went off. Both men gave Deputy Cereghino the same description of the events leading to the discharge of the gun. Alvarez-Valdovinos did not wish to file any charges against his friend. Cereghino recovered the weapon for inspection. He also saw a number of targets in their vehicle that had evidence of being used for practice.

Both were treated and released from the hospital.

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