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Traitor Obama’s & Oregonian’s Executive Amnesty In Oregon for Illegal Criminal Immigrants

Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit Against DHS to Release Documents Pertaining to Executive Amnesty Thursday, August 16, 2012, 1:03 PM EDT – posted on NumbersUSAOne of the myths is that They are “immigrants without documentation. This is not true. They have … Continue reading

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Darwin Awards Two Dumb Mexicans Shoot Each Other Antonio Barocio, 26, and Pedro Alvarez-Valdovinos, 23,

Unintentional Shotgun Blast Wounds Two Dumb Illegal Alien presumed Mexicans Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office– 07/30/12  And you the American Taxpayer get to pay for the medical bill .  The immigration papers of the mexicans were not checked so they can still … Continue reading

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Mexican Drug Cartel Brings Heroin to Columbia County Oregon: Amadeo Lupercio-Quezada-Maribel Sebastian-Evangelista- importing Crime from Sanctuary County Multnomah

http://www.spotlightnews.net/news/print_story.php?story_id=133055649270687000  Huge Irony here, as one of the crappy judges in Columbia county threw out the voter approved initiative that would only allow the hiring of Legal Americans. This made it possible for illegal aliens from Mexico to move into the … Continue reading

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