Darwin Awards: Ulysses Garcia Dumb Mexican Stabs American Over Sunglasses :Scio Music Festival


Darwin Awards: Ulysses Garcia Dumb Mexican Stabs American Over Sunglasses :Scio Music Festival

Linn Deputies Arrest Stabbing Suspect at Scio Music Festival
Linn County Sheriff’s Office– 08/04/12

  Garcia’s illegal alien parents came to pick grapes, they stayed to stab Americans. Garcia, the  stupid Mexican, should have been charged with attempted murder, criminal trespass .  Where, may I ask, is the information on his immigration status? Please don’t tell me he is here legally. Oh, and guess who will be  paying for all the medical and court bills this dumb illegal mexican has create. His family is also illegal and I don’t see why we can deport them back to Mexico.

Once again Fail for Obama and his Open Borders Backdoor Amnesty and Oregon’s Sanctuary Policy for Illegals

Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller reports on August 4, 2012 at 2:45 a.m. Deputies responded to the Scio Music Festival located at 39033 NE 1st Street in Scio for a reported assault. Deputies arrived within minutes of the call and were in the area at the time of the report investigating an unrelated noise disturbance originating at the festival grounds. When deputies arrived at the main entrance to the festival grounds, they found highly intoxicated 23 year old Ulysses Garcia from Scio bleeding with facial injuries. Numerous bystanders told deputies that Mr. Garcia had stabbed one person with a knife inside the festival and had cut a second person. Witnesses told deputies Mr. Garcia had been subdued with physical force by citizens attending the event.

Deputies immediately detained Garcia and learned that he had been in a confrontation with 29 year old Jonathan Hollingsworth from Scio. The conflict between Garcia and Mr. Hollingsworth was over ownership of a pair of novelty glow in the dark glasses similar to simulated sunglasses. During the confrontation, Garcia reportedly stabbed Mr. Hollingsworth in the abdomen with a 2 Â3/4 inch folding knife. After Mr. Hollingsworth realized he had been stabbed, he tried to run away from Garcia who chased after him. Other citizens at the event saw what was happening an attempted to subdue Garcia. One of the people attempting to physically restrain Garcia was 29 year old Kevin Ashe, also from Scio. During the struggle, Mr. Ashe received a superficial knife wound to his left leg.

The Scio and Lebanon Departments responded to the scene where medics evaluated both victims and Garcia. The injuries to everyone involved are considered non-life threatening. Prior to being transported to jail Garcia was taken to the Albany General Hospital by deputies where he was evaluated and treated for facial swelling and a suspected broken nose.

Deputies recovered the knife and are continuing to interview witnesses. Garcia was lodged in the Linn County Jail on charges of Assault II, Assault III and Disorderly Conduct.

The Scio Music Festival is a three day, outdoor, live music event with overnight camping throughout the weekend. This is the second annual event hosted by Scio resident John Vogel. At the time of the incident it is estimated approximately 200 people were in attendance.

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4 Responses to Darwin Awards: Ulysses Garcia Dumb Mexican Stabs American Over Sunglasses :Scio Music Festival

  1. c.a.p says:

    you’re fucking retarded. get over yourself and stop being such a racist. I went to school with this guy and he is a nice kid. maybe if john wasn’t such a douchbag he would have never got stabbed.

    • snoremonster says:

      if I am retarded , then I hate to think what that makes you. If U. Garcia is a nice kid, I would hate to meet a bad mexican kid.
      according to Miss Manners, one should never stab anyone in the stomach simply to get a pair of sunglasses. Except in Mexico of course. By the way, Mexican is a nationality not a race.

      • c.a.p says:

        I would love for thoughts and opinions to be made without knowing the “nationality” of the person. If this were about a 23 white kid you wouldn’t have anything to say. It’s people like you who are making this world wrong. Have an open mind and get both side of the stories before you open your mouth and blame them JUST BECAUSE THE WERE BORN MEXICAN.

      • snoremonster says:

        It is completely reasonable to point out his mexican origins. its funny but mexicans have no problem calling themselves mexican and getting perks and special treatment because they are mexican but when one of them acts mexican, culturally speaking, they complain of racism immediately. Mexicans are being hired over non mexicans , just because so many mexicans moved here they are now the dominant culture. Mexicans have one of the most violent sadistic cultures that predates the Spanish invasion.
        Read the history of Warfare to find out more.
        It’s only been about five hundred years and that really isn’t enough time to change cultural attitudesor habits of violence. The mexican be-headings of mexicans in Mexico are a continuation of of mexican violence, not an aberration.

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