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Obama’s Open Borders! Three Mexicans Arrested Gun Smuggling to Mexico : Winston Salem North Carolina Written by Philip Jones   <!– –> Angel Lorenzo Medel Inocensia Medel Banos Ramiro Alejandro Garcia Roman’s house in Winston-Salem, which federal agents raided in July. Romiro Alejandro Roman    Feds Seize Guns, Ammo From W-S House   Winston-Salem, NC … Continue reading

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Breaking News Major Drug Bust of Drug Traffickers with ICE Immigration

 Multi-Agency Drug Investigation Leads to Numerous Arrests, Drugs and Firearm Seizures in Northeast Oregon / Southeast Washington Oregon State Police– 08/02/12 T  names of the drug dealers are to be withheld until Monday but they  will turn out to be largely … Continue reading

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Two of Latin America’s deadliest gangs join forces : Mara Salvatrucha & Zetas

Two of Latin America’s deadliest gangs join forces In other words , because we allowed their parents in , illegal aliens and migrants who were supposed to be deported, we ended up helping create criminal gangs. Another word for Mexican … Continue reading

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Murdered Julio Marquez, Criminal Surenos Gang Member -Immigrant Mother Steals From State Government Portland’s Charming Immigrant Community

Julio Marquez, 13, becomes youngest gang-involved Portland homicide victim in at least a decade .. Portland is a sanctuary city – no illegals ever get deported or have their papers checked. This “hardworking immigrant  family” is a prime example of whats wrong … Continue reading

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El BLog Del Narco: Find out about the Mexican Drug Cartel From Mexicans

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Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Mexican Drug Lord’s Wife Gives Birth to Twins In California Hospital        Date Archives       Category Archives MEXICO: Drug Lord’s Wife Has Twins in Los Angeles County Hospital More news stories on Immigration Los Angeles Times, September 26, 2011 The spaces for “Name of Father” are blank. But the L.A. … Continue reading

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