Three Generic Mexicans Steal Wallet $16,000 & Beaverton Police Can’t Say Latino Criminals or Mexicans

Beaverton Police Department Is Looking For The Publics Help To Identify Suspects In A Identity Theft
Beaverton Police Department– 08/09/12

On July 22, 2012 Beaverton Police were contacted by a victim who wanted to report identity theft.  What I see in the three pictures are  mexican metizo gangsters, from the female (who is not a young lady), with blond highlights.Whether they are anchor babies ( children of illegal aliens born in the US) or illegal aliens from Mexico doesn’t matter.

What is hilarious is the police  appear to not wish  to capture  the mexican culprits, as they might be accused of being racist. If they were white or black , it would have been included in the report. Stay out of  Beaverton; it has way too much diversity. I bet they are targeting white middle class Americans, as Beaverton is on the cusp between a formerly good white area and hundreds of rentals filled with the New Americans.

The victim told police that she had her wallet stolen wile in the TJ MAXX store in Beaverton and that $16,000.00 had been charged on her credit and bank cards. The victim reported that she was distracted by a young lady in the store and did not think anything of it, until she went to pay for her items and her wallet was missing.

She thought that her wallet might have been in her car or at home, but was unable to find it. She called her bank and credit card providers and discovered her cards had been used in the Beaverton area at different stores. She thinks that the young lady who engaged her in conversation might have been involved in the theft of her wallet. She called the police to report the theft.

The investigation showed that the victim’s cards had been used in and around Washington Square at The Apple Store, Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret and Best Buy.

The Beaverton Police Department is looking for the public’s assistance in identifying the three individuals in the above photos.

Anyone with information on the identity of these individuals is asked to call the Beaverton Police Department at (503) 629-0111.

Attached Media Files: Press Release , Suspect 3 , Suspect 2 , Suspect 1

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