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Stockton California Bankruptcy Caused by Mexican Meth Dealers Carlos Hernandez,?

  Huffington Post claimed Stockton’s pending   bankruptcy was  due to excessive funds spent on Police pensions. Not a word was said about the cost of illegal aliens flooding california for the last 35 years. Perhaps its Mexican Meth Dealers like Carlos  that … Continue reading

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Obama’s Open Borders! Three Mexicans Arrested Gun Smuggling to Mexico : Winston Salem North Carolina

http://www.digtriad.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=239713 Written by Philip Jones   <!– –> Angel Lorenzo Medel Inocensia Medel Banos Ramiro Alejandro Garcia Roman’s house in Winston-Salem, which federal agents raided in July. Romiro Alejandro Roman    Feds Seize Guns, Ammo From W-S House   Winston-Salem, NC … Continue reading

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Breaking News! Drunk Migrant Worker Eleazar Martinez-Ortiz, Mexican Hits three Mexicans with Car Flees Fake Green Card Too!

* UPDATE Suspect Arrested * – Hit & Run Crash Injures Three People near Gervais Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office– 08/09/12  When I read the first release they didn’t know at that time it was a mexican illegal, but I did … Continue reading

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