Driving While Mexican: Drunk Mexicans Hit Three Mexican Nationals : Florencia Hernandez-Bautistain ‘ Guadalupe Santos-Montes;Iris Hernandez, Gervais Mexican suburb of Mexico

Hit & Run Crash Injures Three People near Gervais

Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office– 08/07/12

Howell Prairie crash

Howell Prairie crash
You the taxpayer have to pay for the bi-lingual interpreter for the three mexican illegals who could afford to buy cars but couldn’t bother to learn English.

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 They are seeking another illegal alien mexican. They just don’t want to put that in the newsflash bulliten, because of the $20,000 reward for yet another illegal mexican who killed a deputy five years ago while driving like a mexican. It’s just getting really embarassing : from the Govenor on down, illegal aliens run free to commit crimes and loot the taxpayers, yet enforcing immigration laws is racist.  The good news is the mexicans hit three presumed illegal mexican.
One driver of a vehicle involved in a 3-car hit & run crash is being sought by Marion County Deputies after he ran from the scene of the crash at 11:30pm, Monday night.

Calls to 911 dispatchers reported two vehicles that were stopped on the shoulder of the roadway were struck from behind by a 2001 Dodge Caravan. The vehicles stopped on the shoulder were a 1989 Toyota Corolla and a 1993 Honda Civic.

The crash occurred on Howell Prairie Road NE and Mount Angel – Gervais Road NE, about 1 mile east of Gervais. The roadway was closed until early this morning while CRASH team investigators completed a forensic reconstruction of the crash.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the Dodge Caravan was traveling northbound on Howell Prairie Road when it came upon the other vehicle on the side of the roadway. The Dodge struck both vehicles and three of their occupants who were outside the vehicles trying to jump a dead battery in one of the cars.

The driver of the Dodge, along with a passenger in his van ran from the crash scene, southbound on Howell Prairie Road. Evidence from inside the van suggests that both suffered head injuries from the crash. Several open alcoholic beverage containers were also found inside the Caravan.

A search of the area was conducted with the assistance of a Keizer Police canine and Officers from the Woodburn & Mt. Angel Police Departments. The suspect driver and passenger were not located.

The driver of the Toyota was identified as Florencia Hernandez-Bautista, 26, of Hubbard. She was treated for moderate injuries and released at Salem Hospital.

The driver of the Honda Civic was identified as Guadalupe Santos-Montes, 25, of Woodburn. He was treated at Salem Hospital for serious injuries. His wife, Iris Hernandez, 21, also received serious injuries. She was transported to OHSU for treatment.

Their 3-year old son was safely secured in a car seat and was not injured.

Marion County Detectives were called in to assist with bi-lingual interviews and will be following up on the investigation. The Dodge van is registered to a resident of Gervais.

Anyone with information about this crash or the identity of the driver of the van is encouraged to leave information on our Tip Line at 503.540.8079.

Attached Media Files: Howell Prairie crash

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