Huge Mexican Drug Cartel Bust in Vancouver Wa:Largest methamphetamine seizure in Clark County history

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Largest methamphetamine seizure in Clark County history
Clark Co. Sheriff’s Office– 08/08/12

 A mega interstate management company are the ones that rented to the Illegal mexican drug traffickers busted this week. They have a very bad reputation as landlords.  If they had used  everify and actually watched the properties , this wouldn’t have happened.

 Obama’s “Back Door Open Borders Amnesty” is Working! Who would have thunk  Obama could do such a good job of destroying the US , with a lot of help from Congress and Local Government. Also thanks to all the landlords in Oregon, who  ” wink wink” rent to illegal aliens and gangsters because they don’t give a damn about anything.

*Note to media representatives: An opportunity to view and photograph the methamphetamine will take place at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, 707 W. 13th St., Vancouver, at 11:30 AM today, August 8th. A representative from the drug task force will be available for comments as well. This viewing will end at noon.

On August 6, 2012, the Clark-Vancouver Regional Drug Task Force concluded a long-term investigation into aMexican drug trafficking organization operating in Clark County,Washington. This drug trafficking organization was responsible for transporting large amounts of methamphetamine from California and distributing it throughout Vancouver and Portland.

Starting in the late afternoon on Monday, August 6th, and ending the morning of Tuesday, August 7th, the drug task force executed a series of six search warrants in Clark County resulting in the largest single methamphetamine seizure in Clark County history. Seventy four (74) pounds of methamphetamine was seized from an apartment in the Cascade Park area of Vancouver. This apartment, located at 11304 SE 10th St, Vancouver, was identified early in the investigation as a safe house for the drug traffickers. In addition to the 74 pounds of methamphetamine, the drug task force also seized $45,500 in cash from the locations searched.

The street value of the seized methamphetamine is estimated to be approximately $932,400 based on a street price of $12,600 per pound.

Another significant event took place earlier in the investigation when approximately $120,000 in cash was seized from two suspects. In May 2012, two suspects travelled from California to Clark County for the sole purpose of collecting cash proceeds from methamphetamine sales and moving it back to California. The two suspects, who had been under surveillance while in Clark County, were detained when they started to move the money southbound on I-5 from the Hazel Dell area.

“This was a significant drug trafficking operation based in Clark County,” said task force commander Mike Cooke. “This case is a great example of how a local drug task force can work a large case from beginning to end and make a significant impact on the local drug supply.”

Several law enforcement agencies provided assistance with the execution of the search warrants including the DEA, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Portland Police HIT team

The following is a summary of locations searched, seizures, and arrests.

Search warrants served on August 6, 2012:

* 4318 NE 55TH Place, Vancouver, WA
* 11304 SE 10th Street, Vancouver, WA (Santos Camacho-Cardenas arrested at this location/methamphetamine seized here)
* 4706 NE 152nd Avenue, Vancouver, WA
* 16506 NE 99th Street, Vancouver, WA
* 2326 Neals Lane, Vancouver, WA
* 7416 NE Hazel Dell Ave #48, Vancouver, WA (Hever Zavala-Leon arrested at this address)


* $165,500.00 in cash ($45,500 in cash from August 6, 2012 and $120,000 in cash from May 12, 2012).
* 74 pounds of processed methamphetamine (ready for sale/consumption)
* Two large containers of methamphetamine oil (removed and disposed of by the Department of Ecology)
* Four firearms (two reported stolen)
* Four vehicles

Arrested on August 6, 2012:

* Camacho-Cardenas, Santos, 23, Vancouver (Possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver methamphetamine, conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine)

* Zavala-Leon, Hever, 31, Vancouver (Alien in possession of a firearm)

Previously arrested in May 2012:

* Guerrero-Corona, Alejandro, 31, Los Angeles, CA (Possession of a controlled substance methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance cocaine, money laundering)

* Herrera-Ibarra, Eduardo, 28, Vancouver (Possession of a controlled substance methamphetamine, possession of a stolen firearm, alien in possession of a firearm

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