Africans DO everything

my tram expericence angry reaction from fat immigrant ugly cow


 ‘its really interesting that the Jamaican immigrant spewing anti-British Statements above has not been arrested by the police.

 I guess you have to be white to get arrested in England.  I have tried to write down the salient points the Dumb Black  Idiot made. Following that are the statements left on You TUbe.

“Africans  DO eVERYTHING

  she going about black people she hates black people

That Tram Lady she say we come her and take over her country , we’re here now so theres nothing you can do about it  were here to stay   go out and hug a lampost if you don’t like it

 That woman ( emma west ) needs a Black Dick! when she gets a Black Dick  she will luv that

We are here to stay We are not going anywhere  We’re here to help develop your country.we are not going anywhere . is it not true? yes, it is true.

To that  Lady on the tram you need some Black Dick in your hole to shut you up

 Peace and love ,

Africans do everything

 we are all one …. doesn’t matter what color you are Peace and love

 politically incorrect responses following

Africans seem to have a pathological sense of their own selves as being great and doing so much, but when asked for examples, its ‘oh we drive bus, we drive train, we clean bus station’.

 You idiots will fall along with the England that you are dragging down, and find out that a society is not built on train or bus drivers and toilet bowl cleaners, and certainly not on pot head smiley face welfare cases. Enjoy the fall, it’s going to be hard!.

DeltaNordicAdvance 2 hours ago

@1878EFC2008 hahahaha I know right, “helped develop” lol yet their countries are too busy killing their own people and taking Aid from more civilized nations, listen to how he talks “she needs that black dick” typical American Nigger speak, now American niggers have Africans talking like savages haha fucken idiots, Europeans will get tired of them, its just a matter of time, in fact! Spread this video around to Europeans to show how these savages are.

TheInsidiousParadigm 1 day ago 6

 You can’t go 2 minutes without talking about muh dick, can you?

God bless Emma West.

MsRosa88 7 hours ago 4

see all

She said what everyone wanted to say


You are one ugly blue-gummed nigger! Glad smell does not transfer on jewtube. I know yo breff stANK like dog shit!

HardBassToo 3 hours ago

this guy has sme sharp cheek bones lol

and a bag of teeth lol

trickerhapz 4 hours ago


Wow I thought it was pakis that people hate, not black people. There is a huge difference and if any of you cunts actually new a black person then you would know that they are more respectable than the dirty thieving Chevy British people. If you useless cunts are big enough to say this shit on YouTube then why don’t you tell the whole of Britan? I’m white British and I hate pakis, don’t hate black people they are respectable people you self centred cunts. THEY ARE HERE TO STAY WHETHER YOU LIKE

@sugarcubicle See? They do EVERYTHING XD

Loki2773 4 hours ago

Yes, you guys do EVERYTHING, including: Destroying our lands and culture, sucking our nations’ money through state support and foreign aid, causing crime rates to skyrocket. Yes, you do EVERYTHING that is BAD.

Loki2773 4 hours ago


ArchbishopOfCombat18 4 hours ago


Your bus drivers, your train drivers, your cleaners on the road, your gangsters, your rapists, your murderers, rioters, arsonists, thieves and totally ungrateful refugees mooching off the taxpayers.

sugarcubicle 4 hours ago

Loool ppl who still persist wiv the racist comments jus go and HUG A LAMP POST!!! Lool tbh I found this vid funny he’s a jokah!

tubeemziie 5 hours ago

lol u fucken African faggot, no wonder u fucken people have AIDS, can’t say a simple sentence without talking about “Dick” and 5 year old African boys you fucken pervert, I’m reporting your black ass to YouTube. Put up with it? have you see how frustrated the Europeans are? its just a matter of time till they throw you unproductive apes in Concentration camps like your friends the Jews. Keep pushing the wrong buttons in Europe and you’ll see something worse than the Colonization of Africa!

TheInsidiousParadigm 6 hours ago


@MyDizzy2011 Do you ever think maybe some of the people like that would be more active and have some pride if they fealt valued by government and society?

and you need to see the other side of that coin, what about people applying for 100’s of jobs, desperately wanting to work, feeling hopeless?

You must understand, most British didn’t want this, Labour, richer buisiness owners wanted this, not the average working to middle class man here.

You cunt


If ya cut your skin or I cut ya skin.. what it will comma?? red!! xDD Well I will most likely shot you before you do dat!!! xDD

PanHustej 7 hours ago


@55silverstorm Pity he is not polish.. You could even curse.. You are quite tamed on this one.. no fucking or anything like that with this one, hm?? “Our country is messed up because YOU LOT!” Yeah.. that is something for the effort.. let me tell you that much.. You gotta have black friend – remember??

PanHustej 7 hours ago

Smug fucking nigger.

scrivaldo101 8 hours ago 2




Maybe you have aids already and have no idea as you party and sleep around a lot,put youself together loner, looser

MyDizzy2011 9 hours ago

@clarissapar We are not all here because of problems in our countries, we are here to better ourselves as britain and america has stolen all our minerals and to help fill jobs which are british people are not keen to do,as they prefer benefits, and we paid money in our contries to be doctors and engeeners, but british people preferd benfits instead of having a go on free education. Thats british life

MyDizzy2011 9 hours ago


Just your fury as you know you dont have a dick, just little finger(thats the size of a 5yr old african boy) OR if you are a woman thats what your man is having, you just have to put up with it. AFRICAN

13 Responses to Africans DO everything

  1. Lynch2012 says:

    Miserable, mentally retarded fucking apes. Not even people. Niggers are lazy, fucking idiotic, repulsive pieces of shit that we should have fucking culled centuries ago. They provide nothing. No nigger has ever benefited society in any way. They come, they sit on their fat nigger asses and want to dont do a fucking thing for anything, that bring crime, that don’t contribute shit. Look at Africa. The sub-humans there haven’t developed any measurable advances in thousands of years! They just rip it apart murdering and raping eachother. I for one wont be happy until every single nigger is in chains where they belong, or are dead. We’re white, were the majority, and were sick of fucking niggers.

  2. Alex says:

    Benfits/looser for losers/buisiness/engeeners….ha, haaa.haaa/ contries/.preferd/Britan….haa, What is truly headshaking is how they believe they are indispensible and ‘special’ and ‘bug’ dicked…..haaa…..the lunatics really have taken over the asylum… they think ‘ inTELLigence’ is a teller bank queue for a welfare cheque and MORality is the name of a coupon to get MORE ‘free’ food! Missed you, Snoremaster.

    • Alex says:

      Asylum seekers (lunatics) seeking the asylum of the USA and White countries where the rule of law, not the jungle and the ‘mob’ USED to exist until the feeble-minded were encouraged to takeover..(TAKEOVER spirit..beginning with the femiNAZI, butch-dyke bullies destroying patriarchy and the ‘ethnic minorities’ dictators shutting down intelligent discussion by screaming the weasel-word mantra “WAAAYsisssism ..) White people ARE the minority..only 11% of the world’s population..doesn’t it make you shudder to think what idiocy is replacing White supreme beauty, intelligence, subtle and abstract thinking and power structures? The SCHILLER INSTITUTE..THE NEW DARK AGE….has no doubts about the sheer ugliness of the regime emerging.

      • snoremonster says:

        hi Alex- glad you got home safely.
        thanks for your comments.
        I was just reading the Nature of Alexander, and I would like an opinion on racial matters.
        You see the Greeks and Macedonians were blond blue-eyed people back in his day. Now the Greeks are mostly dark swarthy types. Where did the blonds go?
        well, it seems that the Macedonians married about 10,000 Persians along that way and that was just the beginning.
        also when Alexander came to India he found the ruling caste were very tall and blond like the Greeks were at that time. Now the Brahmin’s or light skinned Indians, are heavily Persian and Dravidian. They are not light-skinned blonds any longer, although they maintained their height. One thousand seven hundred years of race mixing, brought on in part by war and one Macedonian named Alexander.
        It seems to me that Alexander, who was a race mixing globalist , brought them Persians and other ethnics when he took over India .
        what we are experiencing is accelerated race extermination.
        also , I saw a PBS ( BBC to you ) show where a woman went looking for the lost tribe of Amazonian women who were blond.
        She was using history and DNA. well, she found her Amazons , who are now essentially mongoloid or Asian with occasional throwbacks to red hair and freckles in northern Mongolia. She found many of their customs had been carried on. It was very disturbing to see racial extinction once again.
        The thing is much of the world once was blond and blue eyes in areas like China, Persia, India Greece.

  3. Alex says:

    I never knew that about the blond/blonde dominance..I will look it up further thanks. I respect Europeans with a passion…knowing they represent..compassion, civility, and manners and refinement..believe in concepts like truth beauty and justice and rational thought. believe in the rule of law… are compatriots, are courageous, monogamous, believe in romantic love and faithfulness and they invented everything from machinery to electricity to the micro-chip and satellite technology. Non-Europeans run off to be taught by Europeans and most of the world wants to live with them in the European countries. European intelligence and compassion are indisputable. The fact that (male and female) is breathtaking…try Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen in the 2005 version of Pride and prejudice.. Sure, there are some ugly Europeans..poisoned by drugs and a sense of being kicked to the kerb through multikult or just plain perverse……but I love and trust and appreciate the 95% majority that are not like that……I feel like bowing to them (I do a small nod) when they give a small love smile back after you smile at strangers (European.) Your’e a stranger to me..but I respect you most profoundly..because you seek the truth and just want to live in peace..with your own tribe. This ugly takeover spirit worming its putrid pus spits into every aspect of our lives….it is strong….keep loving Snoremaster and all you other Europeans out there…keeping loving your wives and children, family, community and White tribe members….Love despite the venom….they want us to hate in order to divide and conquer.

    • snoremonster says:

      It would be interesting if someone did a study mapping the displacement and absorption of white northern Europeans from the bronze age on. It would also be interesting , if instead of using terms like R1-b etc, they would try to find out what the ancient peoples looked like from skin color on.
      it seems to me that the Negroids and mexicans etc cant wait to find a place where there are only white people, because living among themselves they create only violence and squalor. They are now moving into the area I moved to to escape from them.
      mary renault wrote about alexander before the current pc period and had much to say about how the Maceodians felt about Alexanders race traitor ways

      • Alex says:

        Gonna change my name!!!. Tried ‘Andre’ only it sounded a bit ‘south of the border.’ I pity Europeans who marry out of their tribe…they are just setting themselves up for ugliness such as bitter conflict and humiliation. The ‘liberal’ race-mixing traitors arrogantly betray their ancestors and are stubborn in their ignorance and these brainwashed fools just hiss out the ‘Your’e WAAAYCYST’ …meaningless, idiotic, mantra if you even attempt to look at the facts on miscegenation or inter-racial relationships. Europeans need to unite so they can network to help themselves survive. Can you send a secure e-mail address Snoremaster?. Get a laugh into today….never realised Demons were so thick!!!!!

      • snoremonster says:

        hi alex- its still a good name even if Alexander the Great Homosexual made it famous> yes Andre was a bit french, and you dont seem french.
        as to secure email addresses , there are none.

      • Alex says:

        To answer your question on the origins: Have you checked out ‘history of the white race’ put together by Just tap in the title.I am so sick of seeing these ugly, hate-filled non-European faces….Have you watched that German-American, blond, Earth-God, David Garrett, the world renowned violinist, playing the Metallica classic..Nothing Else Matters?…SUBLIME///Check it out and please consider posting a ‘Beautiful, sensitively exquisite White man video portion’ for mentoring our Young and to show the human garbage how they can never be like us…….Nothing else matters but that Europeans expel all non-Europeans out of the continent of the White people…EUROPE (including the UK)….We need to bring all our tribe back from the colonies and make Europe a fortress. The USA will always have the leeches from the South. Europe can form a permanent military bastion to stop the flotsam from their South (Africa/Middle East and Asia.) I do not see how it can be any other way. Mixed race couples can go South too..with visitor only rights..3 months maximum.

      • snoremonster says:

        alex= the wilderness in Oregon has been taken over by the mexican drug cartel, ie hardworking mexicans with guns, and they plant maiguana and it is dangerous to hiking because they will kill you

      • snoremonster says:

        hi alex- I think I have watched something on that topic, but what i would like is a comprehensive world map, where the different tribes and races were shown including ones that were wiped out by war. It would also show nation tribes and their wars and movements with racialism white racialism in mind, yet also be as accurate as possible.
        as to creating an empire of only whites, well its difficult to enforce since there is always someone who has to jump the fence.
        saw a black N— with his white welfare slut today. thats one source of the influx, where welfare mothers find a black or mexican to shack up with. he wont last long even if she doees have his baby

  4. Alex says:

    Everyday is a Winding Road..Alexander the great fag… I.found that particular blog. Gonna change my name. I truly understand that homosexuality is an abomination..a scourge on any society..leading to depression, loneliness, sexual depravity, diseases and suicide..part of the NWO..eugenics!!! Went to see Exotic Marigold Hotel. What an insult to the British, OUR people who always have been, are, and always will be, WHITE. There was a major swipe at the British ethical beliefs and morality i with long-term heterosexual marriage,( as nature and God intended). Of course ‘ faggotry’ …was idealised as an old White Brit seeks out a Dark-skinned Indian fellow seasonal ‘mate’ after 40 years……(crap..every which way) because he lamented ‘losing’ his butt-pal 40 years’ previously as a colonialist’s son. We are supposed to believe it was a ‘love story’…..foiled by mean, homophobic Indians. Not only do we have the obligatory homosexual propaganda and promotion…we get the scraggly olds in the movie residing in a filthy hotel… gagging for a root with some other old wrinkley strangers…..instead of doing their familial duties and acting as guides and mentors to their own children and grandchildren back in beautiful neighbourhoods in England. It also pissed me off seeing a young, beautiful ‘modern’ Indian girl being depicted as ‘liberated’ because she drove her vespa alone in the dark Jaipur streets as she sneaked off to that hotel, to undress and have sex with a boyfriend. I actually respect Indians,,,such a shame! . This WHORElywood bullshit is corrupting young people everywhere. I will not allow anyone in my home to watch television, have total blocks on ‘pornograhy’.,,.a euphemism for depravity…and would chain a child to a bed if he/she ‘experimented’ with drugs or sexual depravity. I swear my progeny were NEVER allowed out as teenagers. They read, studied, listened to music, played sports..there was no ‘clubbing’ crap. Walked out of that dumb movie….same old boring, uninspiring, ugly crap!!!!! Our children are exposed to it everywhere. Shame your neighbourhood is being infested…been out in the wilderness lately?..In Asia ..July. Alexander the ………gotta change my name!

  5. Alex says:

    Have you tried /White people Wikipedia/ …sounds daft…but there was a reference there to Thomas Huxley’s 1870 map, and research, on the location of Caucasians previously. Might help. Consider it down this way… Chinese, Indians and Koreans. Family types—- who value education and hard work. It is Aussie that gets all the ‘Big Boys’ and the crime and corruption….. Try to get into the beauty.

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