Update! Oregon Latino Parents of The Year Award ! Deport Yensy Ballas and Miguel Alvarez: Mexican -Columbian Anchor Baby Falls out of Second Story Window: Darwin Awards

Mexican_Columbian anchor baby  2 year old falls from second story window
McMinnville Police Dept.– 08/03/12

   It’s not every family who can leave a two-year old alone with a sofa pushed up against an open window on the second floor and go on to threaten legal action  for re-posting a public police annoucement .

Hispanic Family Values:  The mother claims to be legal and educated and from Columbia. No comment on her Mexican husband. In any case, fake green cards and social security cards can be bought for about 200.00 in Woodburn .  Yet another reason to stop all immigration for ten years. Yensy can go back to her own country and let her kid fall out of windows there.

just another invader from Columbia, an Hispanic who will most likely burden oregonians with more babies ,which we don’t need or want. Is there any reason she can’t take her Mexican boyfriend and go home?
here she is in Oregon , taking jobs, rental space, water, food, and perhaps lots of government help from Americans. It’s crowded in Oregon now and it is crowded because of illegal aliens , anchor babies and so called legal immigrants

Mexicans are very casual parents and it is no surprise their anchor babies fall out of windows. So guess who paid for the medical for their lack of intelligent parenting? American taxpayers.


how about a visit from ICE and deportation for the illegal aliens living in Oregon ?

Miguel’s parents were  probably illegal aliens from Mexico who were came here to pick crops and refused to self deport. Picking crops in the US does not make one a US citizen. It is a temp job that became the gate way for a mass invasion.  

On August 1st, 2012 at 1950 hrs McMinnville Officers were dispatched to 725 SE Ford Street #17 in reference to a child falling from a second story window. Upon arrival the officers found that the victim, a 2 year old child, was being treated by medics and transported to Willamette Valley Medical Center for further evaluation. The child lives with his parents, Yensy Ballas (23) and Miguel Alvarez (25), at the listed location. Ballas was at the residence with the child when the incident took place. According to initial assessment he did not sustain any serious injuries.

Interviews conducted by the officers found that there was a couch pushed against the wall just below the window that the child fell from. Speaking with witnesses on scene, officers learned that the child was playing on the couch just before falling into the screen and through the open window. After falling through the window the child struck an overhanging ledge and ultimately landed on the pavement below.

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9 Responses to Update! Oregon Latino Parents of The Year Award ! Deport Yensy Ballas and Miguel Alvarez: Mexican -Columbian Anchor Baby Falls out of Second Story Window: Darwin Awards

  1. Yensy Ballas says:

    I am not even mexican Im 100% colombiana!

  2. Yensy Ballas says:

    Send ICE my way nothing will happen to me or my family or their dad!

    • snoremonster says:

      of course nothing will happen, ICE has been shut down by Obama and all hispanic illegals can do as they like. Perhaps since you are Columbian you could self deport you your husband and two year old back to Columbia. There is no reason for you to be in my country , taking up space, water resources, or jobs. Go home. the police cut you a lot of slack, a real american would have been arrested or had their child taken to and put in foster care for such thoughtlessness.

  3. Yensy Ballas says:

    For you 2 say I let this happen is wrong it was an accident and news flash accidents happen! Instead of blocking me and my comments on what the truth is let me speak out just like u are! Every story has 2 sides and you’re not even letting me speak mine! Btw that’s not me in the pic genius lol!

    • snoremonster says:

      I don’t care how noble you are as an Immigrant, although I doubt your claims.
      What I want is for you and your family to self deport back to your own country , along with the millions of foreign nationals who came here illegally and legally since 1970.
      I want you to know that your being here in the US is a nuisance for real Americans, which you are not even if you have a green card and an anchor baby.
      PS _ Basically you are from a third world latin shit-hole and most Americans will see you as Mexican. You don’t get points for being from Columbia, it’s all the same.
      I figured it would be an immigrant hispanic whoose kid would fall out of windows, it’s just so fits the profile

      • Miguel Alvarez says:

        I politely ask of you to stop publishing this information of my family. . Unfortunately an accident did happen at no fault of our own. . You judging me by my ethnic background is very closed minded and racist. Thats like me judging you on your subpar spelling, which would lead me to believe you are not well educated, you hating on only latinos leads me to believe you were replaced my a latino at your work, and you critisizing on my families ancident leads me to believe you are nothing but trash, and don’t have a life. America was build by inmigrates, your family most likely migrated to the US as well, so you are not better than anybody. Acting all high and mighty in your own little blog. I ask you to stop plubishing this information that is not true to damage my family’s reputation. I leave you with one word “Libel” look it up, because if this harassment continues you will be getting charged with it.

      • snoremonster says:

        Dear Miguel: fist off you are not educated, that much is obvious by your comment to my thread.
        The police made the decision to publicly post your name and location. The information is public and it is not libel for me to write about it in my stupid little blog.You were made a public example of to warn others like yourself to not be so stupid. They could have taken your child and put him in foster care.
        Three, there are no accidents and the fact that both you and your common law “wife” refer to the near death of your son as a accident tells me that you have a typical hispanic view of parenting. It is something that real Americans comment on all over the US: the disregard for watching ones children by ” immigrant hispanics”.
        Four, telling me that you and your parents are US citizens means nothing. There was a blanket amnesty in 1986 and more then a dozen small amnesties for illegals from mexico and elsewhere. Most likely you are an anchor baby and your parents came here illegally and were amnestied in 1986. Or you could be lying and your parents are still illegal.
        Fifth, My suggestion that you and your family self deport is completely rational and fair.It is not libel, nor would I still be writing about you if I wasn’t getting so many comments from you and your wife.
        There is no real reason for 28 million mexicans to live in the US,nor should US citizens like myself have to accomdate your desire to take advantage of our lax laws and free medical for all low income hispanics.

      • Yensy says:

        Just stop it please leave us alone!!!!

      • snoremonster says:

        I have stopped. You keep writing to me. By the way, many papers printed the story and all chose to include your name .

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