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Numbers USA- Obama administration retaliates by canceling highly successful 287(g) program in Arizona.

Supreme Court upholds most critical part of Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. . . …But Obama administration retaliates by canceling highly successful 287(g) program in Arizona. Dear Snoremonster,   On Monday, the same day that the Supreme Court upheld the heart … Continue reading

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King Obama Rages Suspends Federal Deportation In Arizona after Supreme Court Ruling

Obama Administration Suspends 287(g) Program in Arizona Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 10:08 AM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA     In light of yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling, the Obama Administration has suspended the 287(g) program in Arizona. The 287(g) program … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona immigration enforcement law SB1070- Roy Beckon PBS

Action Alert Anne Manetas Roy on PBS Newshour tonight to discuss Arizona law Dear NumbersUSA activists, If you are interested in hearing more about today’s Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070 and its effects on the 20 million under … Continue reading

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Racist Black Flash Mob Attacks Whites In Portland: Racist Flash Mob Hate Crime: Chapin, Vanderbrink and Hutchins. Assaulted

Portland Police Investigating Two Assaults in Laurelhurst Park Portland Police Bureau– 06/15/12  Notice no mention of Hate crime in this news release. The FBI would have been brought in whites had attacked blacks at the park. This follows the Black Flash … Continue reading

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Emma West in Slow Motion

 when you watch this tape in slow motion you can see that emma was just have a diversity training discourse on population displacement with a big mouthy fat immigrant black female. Nothing about it should have brought emma to the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Illegal Amnesty- How to Buy the Presidency –

D.A. King — Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal   Obama’s Amnesty: Good luck with your job search Having trouble finding a job? Well, that task just got tougher, thanks to President Obama. — Obama announced Friday that his administration will stop trying … Continue reading

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NPR Neal Conan “Talk of the Nation” Supports Liberal Bigotry and Obama’s Illegal Amnesty

Neal Conan _ once again confirmed that NPR and Talk of the Nation have nothing to do with free speech. This morning, Neal Conan introduced the topic of Obama’s fascist Amnesty Declaration, as Obama’s Immigration Speech and used the euphemism of … Continue reading

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Call White House and Obama -to Protest His Corrupt Illegal Amnesty by Presidential Order President Bypasses Congress, Violates U.S. Constitution;  Amnesty Declared for Millions of Illegal Aliens!Obama Decrees the Very Amnesty Congress Rejected. Dear Snoremonster, For over a decade, NumbersUSA has fought every effort by Congress to pass an amnesty. We’ve fought against proposals … Continue reading

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if Emma loses and she may lose, she will probably have her right to parent her children compromised, whether she is ruled “crazy” or criminal.

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Emma West Update Trial Moved to July : Emma Is Spot On; Not Crazy Not Criminal

It’s all bad for White Native Britons in England.  As British Nationalist said  easier to have her plead Mad then view what Emma said as a legitimate complaint Emma West race rant trial moved to July THE trial of … Continue reading

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