Breaking News Major Drug Bust of Drug Traffickers with ICE Immigration

 Multi-Agency Drug Investigation Leads to Numerous Arrests, Drugs and Firearm Seizures in Northeast Oregon / Southeast Washington
Oregon State Police– 08/02/12 T

 names of the drug dealers are to be withheld until Monday but they  will turn out to be largely “hispanic “and Native American. Drug trafficking Org  means the Mexican Drug Cartel



The following is a news release from the Blue Mountain Enforcement Narcotics Team:

A one year investigation into drug and firearm trafficking in Oregon and southeast Washington led to the arrest by early Thursday afternoon of 29 people following the execution of multiple search warrants by a large team of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The investigation is ongoing and the names of those arrested will be released Monday to prevent any impact to the ongoing operation.

According to Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts, Board Chair of the Blue Mountain Enforcement Narcotics Team (BENT), early Thursday morning, August 2, 2012, approximately 110 law enforcement officers from federal, state, and local agencies moved throughout northeast Oregon and southeast Washington to begin serving 27 search warrants on residences, a storage locker, and vehicles. The multi-agency operation also sought to arrest several suspects with outstanding warrants related to the one year investigation. Officers also were contacting at least 30 other locations.

The investigation aims to dismantle a Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) that has been operating in Umatilla, Morrow, and Union counties, as well as southeast Washington and southern Oregon.

As of 1:00 p.m., August 2, law enforcement officers seized the following related to this investigation:

* 6.5 lbs of methamphetamine

* 1/2 ounce heroin

* Nearly 800 prescription medication pills

* 23 lbs of processed marijuana

* Approximately 200 marijuana plants

* Four (4) indoor marijuana grow sites

* Eleven (11) handguns and one silencer

* Ten (10) long barrel firearms, including 1 assault rifle and 1 shotgun

Law enforcement and other agencies involved in the investigation and today’s operation include:

* Blue Mountain Enforcement Narcotics Team

* Pendleton Police Department

* Umatilla Police Department

* Hermiston Police Department

* Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office

* Morrow County Sheriff’s Office

* Union County Sheriff’s Office

* Milton-Freewater Police Department

* Umatilla Tribal Police Department

* Oregon State Police Drug Enforcement Section, Criminal Investigation Division, Patrol Services Division, Fish & Wildlife Division, SWAT, and Evidence Technician

* Tri-Cities Metro

* High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Interdiction Team

* Drug Enforcement Administration

* US Marshals

* Immigration & Customs Enforcement

* Central Oregon Drug Enforcement (CODE)

* Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team (INET)

* Union/Wallowa Drug Task Force

* Baker County Narcotics Enforcement Team

* Umatilla County District Attorney’s Office

* US Attorney’s Office, Oregon and Eastern District of Washington

* Oregon Department of Justice

* Department of Human Services

Photographs – Oregon State Police

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