Portland Timbers Jose Valencia _ Negro Latin Busted Beaverton Oregon Domestic Disturbance


Portland Timber arrested during disturbance at apartment

 There are many tales in the Naked Illegal Alien City of Beaverton. The news story from Oregon Pro Amnesty is that the Portland Timbers are using the media to intimidate the DA into dropping charges. Special treatment for Negro foreign Nationals who don’t even speak English . The other angle is why couldn’t a Negro  from Portland have been hired by the Portland timbers? Are they all in jail or in gangs or dead or all of the above?

 Most likely. I guess there wasn’t athelete in the US who could have filled his position;they have to go all the way fo a latin country. Jose will never go home but will bring his entire family here to leach off of the US taxpayer.




Jose Valencia

BEAVERTON, Ore. – Police arrested a member of the Portland Timbers Monday night during a disturbance at his apartment.

Jose Valencia, 20, was trying to leave the area when police arrived at 600 NW 158th Ave. to investigate a disturbance call just after 9 p.m., according to Beaverton police spokesman Mike Rowe. There was an argument at the apartment between Valencia and a woman, Rowe said.

Officers said Valencia did not obey orders from the officers at the scene and resisted when they told him he was under arrest. He was taken to the Washington County Jail.

The woman, who shares the apartment with Valencia, was not hurt during the argument, Rowe said.

Valencia is from Bogota, Colombia. He was acquired by the Timbers in December of last year, but is missing the 2012 Major League Soccer season while he recovers from knee surgery.

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