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Breaking News Major Drug Bust of Drug Traffickers with ICE Immigration

 Multi-Agency Drug Investigation Leads to Numerous Arrests, Drugs and Firearm Seizures in Northeast Oregon / Southeast Washington Oregon State Police– 08/02/12 T  names of the drug dealers are to be withheld until Monday but they  will turn out to be largely … Continue reading

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Enrique Hidalgo Sanchez, 45 Mexican Meth Dealer busted In Woodburn-Mexican Capital of Oregon

    YCINT Seizes over quarter pound of methamphetamine Yamhill Co. Sheriff’s Office– 06/01/12 If our borders has been enforced along with our immigration laws for the laws fifty years, and if we weren’t always handing out amnesties, then this … Continue reading

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27 Mexican Mafia Associates arrested Indicted in Los California- Illegal aliens are criminals January 2012  Now tell me that legalizing Marijuana and gettting rid of the US border will get rid of criminals like the above 27 ( plus 28 million more) I am sure they will all settle down and sell … Continue reading

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Mexican Drug Cartel Brings Heroin to Columbia County Oregon: Amadeo Lupercio-Quezada-Maribel Sebastian-Evangelista- importing Crime from Sanctuary County Multnomah  Huge Irony here, as one of the crappy judges in Columbia county threw out the voter approved initiative that would only allow the hiring of Legal Americans. This made it possible for illegal aliens from Mexico to move into the … Continue reading

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