Enrique Hidalgo Sanchez, 45 Mexican Meth Dealer busted In Woodburn-Mexican Capital of Oregon



YCINT Seizes over quarter pound of methamphetamine

Yamhill Co. Sheriff’s Office– 06/01/12 If our borders has been enforced along with our immigration laws for the laws fifty years, and if we weren’t always handing out amnesties, then this mexican wouldn’t be in the US dealing drugs.



On May 31, the Yamhill County Interagency Narcotics Team (YCINT) conducted an operation in the City of Woodburn which resulted in the arrest of a mid to upper level methamphetamine dealer. Enrique Hidalgo Sanchez, 45 years of age was taken into custody without incident at approximately 1:10 p.m. at the McDonald’s restaurant located at 2910 Newberg Highway.

After a Yamhill County narcotics canine alerted to the exterior of Sanchez’s vehicle, a search was conducted. This led detectives to a hidden stash compartment located in the dash of the vehicle. Over a quarter pound of methamphetamine was secreted in the compartment.

Sanchez, who claimed to be a transient living out of motels, was lodged at the Marion County Jail on charges of Possession and Delivery of Methamphetamine. The bail was enhanced due to the substantial quantity involved, but an immigration hold has been placed on him at this time.

Sheriff Jack Crabtree pointed out that although Sanchez was arrested in the City of Woodburn, the impact to Yamhill County is what the team is focusing on. “We know that a portion of these drugs were intended for the streets of Yamhill County. YCINT will go where they are required to impact the availability of drugs in our community.”

YCINT was assisted in the investigation by the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office, the Newberg-Dundee Police Department and the Oregon State Police.

Anyone with information on this case or any similar case is encouraged to contact Sgt. Chris Ray of YCINT at 503-434-7506.

Attached Media Files: Sanchez

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