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Numbers USA- Obama administration retaliates by canceling highly successful 287(g) program in Arizona.

Supreme Court upholds most critical part of Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. . . …But Obama administration retaliates by canceling highly successful 287(g) program in Arizona. Dear Snoremonster,   On Monday, the same day that the Supreme Court upheld the heart … Continue reading

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King Obama Rages Suspends Federal Deportation In Arizona after Supreme Court Ruling

Obama Administration Suspends 287(g) Program in Arizona Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 10:08 AM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA     In light of yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling, the Obama Administration has suspended the 287(g) program in Arizona. The 287(g) program … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona immigration enforcement law SB1070- Roy Beckon PBS

Action Alert Anne Manetas Roy on PBS Newshour tonight to discuss Arizona law Dear NumbersUSA activists, If you are interested in hearing more about today’s Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070 and its effects on the 20 million under … Continue reading

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Border Invasion Pictures: Arizona Can you find your Mexican Gardener Here? Desert Invasion – U.S. Pictures of illegal immigration invasion on Roger Barnett’s ranch, Arizona Roger Barnett owns a 22,000 acre ranch (35 square miles) along the border in southeastern Arizona. The ranch lies from 2 to 5 miles from … Continue reading

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Obama Jokes about Arizona Mexico Border while Children are murderd by Mexican Illegal Aliens  remember never call them Mexicans because it is racist to point out the national origin of an illegal alien. It is okay for them to write about Brown Pride or call themselves Latinos or Hispanics. It is not racist for … Continue reading

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Glen Spencer:Mexicans Started Arizona Monument Fire: Arson Mexican Drug Cartel Smugglers

Did Illegals Start the Monument Fire? No, Mexicans Did Willcox (Arizona) Range News — June 15   The fire started in Mexico. That is, unless it travelled south against a stiff wind. Fire can travel uphill — despite the … Continue reading

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