Call White House and Obama -to Protest His Corrupt Illegal Amnesty by Presidential Order

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President Bypasses Congress, Violates U.S. Constitution;  Amnesty Declared for Millions of Illegal Aliens!Obama Decrees the Very Amnesty Congress Rejected.

Select Always Allow Images from NumbersUSA to see graphicDear Snoremonster,

For over a decade, NumbersUSA has fought every effort by Congress to pass an amnesty. We’ve fought against proposals by Presidents Bush and Obama. With your help, we’ve won every time.

Now, frustrated by that Congress has actually listened to voters, President Obama has decided to issue an unilateral amnesty, broader even than the DREAM Act, without the consent of Congress.

Last Friday, Obama announced that he is suspending the deportation most illegal aliens under the age of 31—he stated he will also give them work permits—allowing them to take U.S. jobs. These are jobs desperately needed by 20 million unemployed Americans and millions of graduating American youth.

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But this declaration is more than a betrayal. It is a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution.

The Constitution gives law-making powers to Congress alone. All immigration policy powers are given to Congress alone. The President has no authority to give a de facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.  And doing so right now, when 20 million Americans have no work, is a stab in the back to every American who can’t find a job.

Snoremonster, this is the most serious policy crisis we have faced in two years. If there was ever a time we need your financial help, it’s NOW! You know that nobody fights harder than NumbersUSA. But without your financial help we can do nothing. So, please donate!

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Next, only a massive outcry from the American people, including every single NumbersUSA member, can make the White House reverse course. Help turn this situation around by first donating, then going to:

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