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Pass Everify! Donate to Numbersusa – Say Snoremonster Sent You: Stop Illegal Aliens from Using American IDs to Illegally obtain jobs

 http://www.numbersusa.tv/   U.S. House Began Action on E-Verify TODAY — Most Important Bill in Our 15-year HistoryJudiciary Com. ‘Marking Up’ E-Verify, the Bill that Will Put Illegal Aliens Out of Work; Critical Votes Through Next Week Our Goal: $117,569 by … Continue reading

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White Cops Dry Hump Dirty Dance with Half Naked Black Girls NYC Indian parade

http://youtu.be/h-cAqnFGqx8  Yet another reason to not respect Cops or talk to them.  They look the other way over illegal aliens and then they dance with sluts in public. If those black girls he rammed his crotch into had hit someone … Continue reading

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It is A crime to enter the United States Ilegally

 this means that most mexicans can be jailed while illegal aliens from India or China who over-stayed their visa will only be deported. As codified in 8 U.S.C. § 1325, federal law provides that an alien who unlawfully enters the … Continue reading

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