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Hispanic Family Values: Drunk Mexican Breeder Claudia Corona Busted with Four 4 Mexican Anchor Babies in Car : Oregon Scantuary for Illegal aliens

just another day in the life of a mexican slut like claudia the drunk driver who tried to kill americans in hillsboro oregon today Claudia the sharpie eyebrow fattie did not endanger four mexican anchor babies. Mestizo Corona endangered Legal … Continue reading

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Three Presumed Illegal Mexican olive-skinned Children Found Squatting In Shed in Portland Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens

.if you read the whole press release you can see that they are most likely Hispanic Illegals.  It is common California – colony of Mexico, for illegal mexicans to live in garages in filth and theft of services from legal Americans. … Continue reading

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Deport Jorge-Mario Cabrera Mexican Thugs say Fire John and Ken for Speaking Out About Illegal aliens

Typical Tactics and Intimidation by La Raza Mexicans. This is why Mexico is such a mess because the primitives from Mexico have no concept of free speech or fair -play. All they did was say over the air the phone … Continue reading

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