Obama Release Bradley Manning:Demonstrators Arrested for Protesting inside President Obama Campaign Headquarters

Demonstrators enter and refuse to leave President Obama Campaign Headquarters
Portland Police Bureau– 08/17/12

 Bravo to them,. now have Obama arrested for violating his oath of Office

On Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 7:50 p.m. Portland Police officers assigned to Central Precinct responded to 1125 Southeast Madison Street, an Obama Campaign Headquarters, on a report that demonstrators entered the office and then refused to leave the building.

Officers made contact with person in charge of the property and made contact with the organizer of the demonstration. The person in charge of the property asked demonstrators to leave several times and demonstrators refused. Demonstrators refused to leave unless their political demands were met, specifically they demanded Bradley Manning be released from a military prison.

Five demonstrators were inside and an estimated 20-30 demonstrators were outside with signs demanding Bradley Manning be released. Demonstrators were told to leave the property or they would be arrested for Criminal Trespass. Demonstrators refused to leave and wanted to be arrested and so officers arrested the five demonstrators. All of the demonstrators were arrested without incident.

34-year-old Glenn A. Silbersdorff, 33-year-old Monica E. Juarbe, 39-year-old Luarann Elisabeth Kealiher, 22-year-old Jordan Benning, 75-year-old Nancy Ann Wigmore were all transported to Central Precinct where they were cited for Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree and then they were released.

Demonstrator 75-year-old Nancy Ann Wigmore had a walker and had limited mobility and so officers called for Central Precincts transport van. The van came to the scene so all five demonstrators could ride comfortably to Central Precinct to be processed.

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