Hispanic Family Values: Drunk Mexican Breeder Claudia Corona Busted with Four 4 Mexican Anchor Babies in Car : Oregon Scantuary for Illegal aliens

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just another day in the life of a mexican slut like claudia the drunk driver who tried to kill americans in hillsboro oregon today

Claudia the sharpie eyebrow fattie did not endanger four mexican anchor babies. Mestizo Corona endangered Legal American Citizens and their children , who are worth something. that is the crime, not what happens to mexicans who drive drunk or their kids.

Mexican Illegal alien drunk female in Aloha  Endangers  anchor babies 

 Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office– 07/30/12


Hispanic Family Values: Drunk Mexican Breeder Busted with Four 4 Mexican Anchor Babies in Car : Oregon Scantuary for Illegal aliens
check her to see if she is an illegal alien? Or is she just one of the thousands of Mexican Anchor Babies in Oregon?

Summary of Event   a concerned citizen contacted the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to report a possible DUII driver. A deputy located the driver, arrested her for DUII. She had her four children in the car with her at the time of arrest.

Full Details
On Sunday July 29, 2012 at 4:13 am, a concerned citizen called 911 to report an erratic driver on Highway 26 traveling eastbound. The caller reported the vehicle they were following was speeding up, slowing down, stopping in the middle of the highway and swerving from lane to lane.

A few miles later, a Hillsboro Police officer located the 2003 Chevy Suburban driven by 25-year-old Claudia Corona of Aloha. A responding deputy conducted an investigation and learned Ms. Corona was driving home from Cornelius. While she was trying to find the 185th exit, she ran over several cones in the construction area on Highway 26 near the 185th exit. When the deputy asked her if she knew where she was, she pointed to the exit sign that said Cornell Road and said she was lost and in Cornelius.

The deputy conducted field sobriety tests and determined Ms. Corona was driving impaired. The deputy also learned Ms. Corona had her four children in the car with her ranging in ages from one year to nine years of age.

At the jail, Ms. Corona blew a BAC of .15. She was lodged in the jail on charges of DUII, and four counts of Reckless Endangering.

Every year the Washington County Sheriff’s Office arrests about 1,200 alcohol and drug impaired drivers, which is an enforcement priority for the Sheriff’s Office.

Attached Media Files: 2012-07/1128/56377/PR_120729.1_DUII-Reckless_Endanger.pdf , 2012-07/1128/56377/Claudia_Corona.jpg

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8 Responses to Hispanic Family Values: Drunk Mexican Breeder Claudia Corona Busted with Four 4 Mexican Anchor Babies in Car : Oregon Scantuary for Illegal aliens

  1. liz says:

    I work with this women. She is a horrible worker and always tring to get all the guys to do her job. This doesn’t surprise me one bit cuz she is always talking about drinking.

    • snoremonster says:

      thanks liz for letting the public know. I think the DA should charge her with attempted manslaughter and she should do a couple of years . I have relatives who drive on Highway 26 and she could easily have taken out as many innocent people as Holmes did, only with a car and a bottle of booze.

    • Only god can judge :) says:

      She is not a “Mexican breeder”, she is an American citizen! Who ever made this page is inhuman, she made a mistake. On another note she doesn’t have “sharpie eyebrows” nor is she a fattie.(everyone knows how mugshots of people look) COME ON! Who are all of you to judge anyone?

      I’ve also worked with Claudia in the past and she is a hard worker! That lady who wrote that must be some lone soul with absolutely no life…I really hope HR sees this and does something about it, not ok to trash on other people, especially when you don’t know the situation. The media is really blowing this out of proportion.

      She is really trying to do everything possible to fix her mistake, and acknowledges that she did something wrong. We need to give her a little credit for trying to fix her mistakes.

      • snoremonster says:

        Claudia’s mistake ? she is on the same page as Holmes the mass murderer. Claudia the Latina was driving shit faced drunk on highway 26, She came close to killing no only the four kids and herself but untold numbers of others who are not hispanic and not anchor babies.
        there is a 20,000 reward for another Mexican who killed a deputy in oregon, while driving drunk. She should spend a few years in prison and have her kids taken away for good . that is what Claudia Corona is about and driving drunk is mexican culture. I assume she is the offspring of illegal aliens from Mexico and of course is a US citizen due to the 14th amendment , an amendment that should have never been created. The US is one of the only countries that gives automatic citizenship to babies born to foreign nationals. this is exploited by mexicans and asians etc. It’s called birth tourism. Run across the border when you are 8 months pregnant, have the baby at the hospital and skip on the bill, sign the baby up for a social security card and get WIC and food stamps and free medical. So if Claudia is a citizen,it’s because her parents are criminals who exploited US citizens, just as she causally tries to kill more citizens while driving drunk

      • RebeccaOlesen says:

        How do you know she’s an America citizen you twat? So what if she is? She’s definitely Mexican and she’s definitely a ‘breeder’. She’s 25 years old with a 9 year old kid. Sounds like a BREEDER to me.

        She didn’t ‘make a mistake’ she’s a worthless sack of garbage. Would it still be ‘just a mistake’ if she had killed those kids with her disgusting behavior? Someone else’s kids? YOURS? Tell it to the families whose tiny kids are crushed by drunk driving mexicans while playing in their front yards or sitting in an Ice Cream parlor. Mistake, mistake, mistake, mistake. The mistake was allowing so many to infiltrate our society without more aggressive demands that it STOP.

        If mexicans weren’t such good breeders then how did the hispanic population surpass the black population by such a large margin, in just TEN YEARS now measuring 55 million at 16% of the population, blacks are just 12.7%. FFS the population of Mexico is only 110 million.
        HOW’D THAT happen? OH YEAH, the Mexican predilection for sexual relations with 10 year olds & the girls beginning their ‘birthing’ of ‘anchors’ at 10, 11, 12 combined with their ability to easily have 10 kids by the age of 25. AWESOME !!

        This is NOT blown out of proportion, YOU are trivializing what a selfish, dangerous, disgusting thing she did. How can such a worthless action be blown out of proportion? Do you know how many people are killed every year by ILLEGAL ALIEN drunk drivers? Around 4,000. If she’s ‘legal’ that’s even worse, add that to the list of illegal drunk drivers.

  2. Ali says:

    This page is clearly rasm at its worst. Shame on you.

    • snoremonster says:

      wow you can’t even spell racism. you must be an illegal alien , who came here to take up space, water food air housing and jobs from American citizens and their off-spring.
      Mexican isn’t a race , it’s a nationality and mexicans, many second or third are quick to tell everyone they meed that they are mexican. They are so special and need so much protection from ugly Americans like me, who ask that Immigration laws be enforced

  3. mary says:

    oh my god seriously not all mexican are like that u r notbody to judge no one so stop talking shit about my culture and we dont take americans jobs, americans r fuken lazies that dont want to work we have to do ur job without mexicans in usa u all americans dont eat so shut up and get to work..americans prefer to b on streets asking for money than work? oohhh wooow…

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