Hispanic Spanish Speakers Preferred for Jobs in Oregon: Pink Slip to Older Americans

I spoke to a woman today , over 45 , who graduated from college with honors  who is being passed over for jobs in favor of young spanish speaking “Hispanics” , which is code word for Mexicans or Cubans, usally anchor babies but often illegal aliens..

How does she know she is being discriminated against for being a blond white woman of Irish English Decent?

Her last name sounds hispanic but is really Italian and her degree is recent, so when she applies for jobs they think they are getting a mexican college grad who speaks fluent spanish under 30.  Well, she does speak fluent spanish, but that’s not good enough. when she goes to interviews  they look at her and ask point blank if she is married to an Hispanic or ask her why she didn’t get a master’s degree in Spanish. She doesn’t get the job even though she has two college degrees, speaks spanish and ran her own employment company for ten years.  That’s discrimination  and it’s only one case in Oregon. I see young white male vets who are unemployed yet the workers at Fred Meyer are from foreign countries and don’t represent the native population.

Why ? Well the manager is from a foriegn country and is slowly hiring his own race to replace the native Americans.

This happened to a white male of nordic background whose name sounded Asian. He was applying for a federal summer job with the Nationals Parks. The employer thought oh great Diversity! A real Asian in the National Parks! If this nordic young man  has been named Anderson or Peterson he would never have had his application looked at. 




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