Four Tattoed Mexicans with Guns Shoot Up Dr FeelGood’s in Aloha-Mexican slum

Deputies Search for Shooting Suspects
Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office– 07/21/12


 but  of  course  no mexican is ever checked for immigration status or  fake ID in Washington County Oregon, a washington county sheriff told me he wouldn’t even know what an illegal alien looked like.  this is what our immigration policy has brought us because you can be sure the parents of these mexicans gangsters didn’t come here legally.
Hispanic is a word created by the Fed’s in the 70;s to hide the origin of all the illegal aliens in California. The police refer to them as “generic mexicans”

Summary of Event

Deputies are searching for the person(s) responsible for shooting at a business from a vehicle. The business was open with patrons inside and outside. There were no reported injuries but there was damage caused from the bullet.

Full Details

On July 21, 2012 at 1:25 a.m., Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to Dr. Feelgood’s Pub at 20149 SW Tualatin Valley (TV) Highway concerning a reported shooting. This business is in Aloha, an area of the Enhanced Sheriff’s Patrol District (ESPD). It was reported that someone shot toward the business from a vehicle which exited the parking lot onto TV Highway. A short time later, Sheriff’s Deputies received a call of another gunshot from the same vehicle a short distance away.

Multiple Sheriff’s Deputies converged upon the area to search for potential victims and locate the vehicle. Deputies learned four tatttoed gang member illegal mexicans  there were three Hispanic males and one Hispanic female that got into a long black sedan in the business complex parking lot, and drove westbound on TV Highway. It was reported there were two gunshots from the vehicle towards Dr. Feelgood’s. Deputies found one bullet had shattered a large front window and another bullet apparently struck the concrete. There were many patrons inside the business as well as people outside. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

Shortly after the first shooting, deputies received a report from a residence that a gunshot was heard from a vehicle matching the same description as it drove north on SW 209th Avenue. There was no damage or injuries in the second incident.

At this time there is no apparent motive for the shootings. The description of the four people is that they are Hispanic, in their 20’s, and all of the males have multiple tattoos on their arms.
At this time there is no direct indication this is gang related, however, the Washington County Interagency Gang Enforcement Team is assisting with the investigation and is seeking the public’s help regarding this incident. If you have any information, please call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Detectives at (503) 846-2500.

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