Was it an Insane Illegal Mexican with a Machete that Portland Police put in Mental Hospital?

Portland Police Take Man to Hospital on a Mental Health Hold After Disturbance Involving a Machete
Portland Police Bureau– 07/21/12

 Machetes are a south of the border,  mexican ,latino kind of weapon. The ” man ”  appears to be a  mexican illegal .  Why?  The police were  really afraid to arrest him , even though they should have shot him . If he was a white male or a black male he would have been shot or put in  jail.

The Portland Police are too afraid to police Portland,because ever time they do the PC groups jump all over them accusing them of racism.   By the way  you can buy machetes in Aloha, mexican barrio of washington county oregon.


On Friday July 20, 2012, at 10:22 p.m., Portland Police officers responded to the Aero Vista Apartments, located at 6850 Northeast Killingsworth Street on the report of a disturbance involving a man with a machete.

Officers arrived in the area and spoke to witnesses and learned that the suspect may have fired a shot earlier and was now in an apartment.

Officers attempted to make contact with the 29-year-old man in the apartment but he refused to come outside to police.

Based on the fact that the man was alone in the apartment, officers decided to leave and work to contact the man at a later time. As officers were leaving, the man left the apartment and ran through the neighborhood. Officers quickly set up a neighborhood perimeter and located the man and took him into custody. Officers checked his apartment and seized a machete, other knives and 9mm ammunition. No gun was located.

The man was taken to a Portland hospital on a mental health hold.


Attached Media Files: 2012-07/3056/56217/PPB_Badge.jpg

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