Beaverton Police Racially Profile Whites Drug Bust for Rave Concert at Horning’s Hideout area.

Beaverton Police Conduct Criminal Interdiction on Hwy 26 Personally I have nothing against Busting a bunch of hipster open  borders liberals with drugs from Portland and Eugene. What I do object to is the intentional Racial profiling against the White Hipsters with Crappy Cars.  In the meantime , Beaverton and washington county is packed with illegal aliens from Mexico, China, India Somalia Nepal  , yet they are never pulled over and asked for any proof they are in the US legally. One set of rules for legal Americans and another set of rules for illegals. Pure Bullshit

Beaverton Police Department– 07/20/12

Beaverton Police have conducted a Criminal Interdiction Mission on Hwy 26 over the last three days attempting to locate subjects transporting drugs to the outdoor rave-type music festival currently underway this weekend in unincorporated Washington County. Officers have made several drug related arrests with a significant amount of drugs being confiscated. In one traffic stop, officers located illegal drugs in the diaper bag sitting next to an infant.

From July 19th, through July 22nd, an outdoor multiple-band concert is being held at the Horning’s Hideout area. This is an area located seven miles north of Highway 26 from North Plains. More than 5,000 tickets have been sold to this event; with concert patrons camping at the event location over the weekend. Common drugs associated with raves include Marijuana, Ecstasy, and Psilocybin among others

The purpose of the interdiction mission is to address the transportation of illegal narcotics through the City of Beaverton to the concert venue. By interdicting criminal contraband, the Beaverton Police Department is taking steps to make a positive impact on public safety for Beaverton and surrounding communities.

As of Thursday afternoon, the interdiction has led to 36 traffic stops with 15 citations issued, three drug related citations and three arrests. Results for Friday are not yet available.

Officers arrested 32- year old David Edwin Welles (reported to be the drummer and band leader for “Drunken Hearts” – The opening band for the event). He has been charged with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana over one ounce (approx. 2.5 pounds – to include the candy carrier)

Officers also arrested 21-year old Jesse Dodge, who has been charged with Unlawful DCS Marijuana and Hashish (half pound of marijuana)

Please see the attached news release for picture/arrest associations. Please email for additional photos.

Attached Media Files: 2012-07/1412/56214/hwy26.pdf , 2012-07/1412/56214/IMG_0851.JPG , 2012-07/1412/56214/IMG_0849.JPG , 2012-07/1412/56214/IMG_0847.JPG , 2012-07/1412/56214/IMG_0843.JPG , 2012-07/1412/56214/IMG_0837.JPG , 2012-07/1412/56214/IMG_0637.JPG , 2012-07/1412/56214/IMG_0633.JPG , 2012-07/1412/56214/IMG_0630.JPG , 2012-07/1412/56214/IMG_0628.JPG

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