Arrested but Not Deported : Pedro Salome Ramos Figueroa, a Presumed Illegal Allien Construction Worker Steals Cell Phone Regal Cinemas

Sherwood Police arrest suspect for theft of cell phone

City of Sherwood– 07/17/12

Sherwood Police were called to the Regal Cinemas, 15995 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd on July 16, 2012 at 0146 AM, at the request of a juvenile female, who reported difficulty getting back into the cinema, to find her cell phone which had been left in one of the theaters.

Sherwood Police with the assistance of on-site janitorial staff, gained entry to the cinema with the complainant and her friend. The complainant’s friend had an application on her cell phone, which gave the general location of the missing phone.

Officers went into the theater, where the cell phone was supposed to be and officers encountered a construction crew, who denied any knowledge of the cell phone. The theater was checked but the cell phone could not be located.

Once outside the theater, the application on the friend’s phone showed that the missing phone moved to another theater. Sherwood police using their own cell phones, called the missing phone, heard it vibrating, and located the missing phone wedged behind some insulation in one of the walls of the theater.

The missing cell phone was returned to the owner, and several individuals were contacted regarding their potential involvement in this case. Probable cause was developed, and one of the construction workers was arrested on one count of Theft in the Second Degree, ORS 164.045.

The person arrested was, Pedro Salome Ramos Figueroa, a 35 Year old Man who lives in Vancouver, Washington. Mr. Ramos Figueroa was then lodged at the Washington County Jail, with a bail of $5000.00.


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