Roberto Garcia-Lopez Amnestied Black Negro Mexican Busted Murder of Asian Portland Oregon

Cold Case Homicide Unit Indicts Utah Man on 1989 Homicide
Portland Police Bureau– 07/05/12


one of the many mexicans who are of black african ancestry, just as American Blacks are. Most likely he was illegal at one time but was amnestied by Ronald Reagan in 1986, the Amnesty to end all amnesties but really it just began a new flood that never subsided. Portland Police never check for immigration status unless it is drug related.

Today, July 5, 2012, a Multnomah County Grand Jury indicted 57-year-old Roberto Garcia-Lopez for Murder in connection with a 1989 homicide in Northeast Portland.

On November 28, 1989, Portland Police Bureau Homicide Detectives began an investigation into the death of a 33-year-old male transient, Kuen Yin Ng. Mr. Ng was found on the rocky shores of the Willamette River, North of the Burnside Bridge under the I-5 ramp to I-84.

Cold Case Homicide Unit Detectives began reviewing the case in May 2010 and worked with the Oregon State Police Crime Lab to re-examine evidence in the case. Ultimately, DNA evidence identified Garcia-Lopez as the suspect

Garcia-Lopez is currently in the Salt Lake County (UT) Jail on unrelated charges of Aggravated Murder, Aggravated Sexual Assault and Aggravated Robbery.

The Portland Police Bureau Cold Case Homicide Unit is comprised of a Sergeant and four Detectives who are assisted by several retired investigators who volunteer their time and are now working under a Federal grant sponsored by the US Department of Justice and the National Institute for Justice.

The Portland Police Bureau Cold Case Homicide Unit has a close partnership with the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office. Deputy District Attorneys Ryan Lufkin and Bob Leineweber are the prosecutors on this case.

The Portland Police Bureau Cold Case Homicide Unit’s slogan is: “We don’t give up. We never give up.”

The Portland Police Bureau has nearly 300 unsolved murders dating back to 1969.

Anyone with additional information about this case should contact Det. Kristina Coffey at (503) 823-0696 or

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