Numbers USA- Obama administration retaliates by canceling highly successful 287(g) program in Arizona.


Supreme Court upholds most critical part of Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. . .

…But Obama administration retaliates by canceling highly successful 287(g) program in Arizona.

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On Monday, the same day that the Supreme Court upheld the heart of Arizona’s SB 1070 illegal alien law, the Obama administration cancelled its immigration enforcement partnership with that  state. The federal 287(g) program allows cooperation between the federal government and state and local police forces to identify and remove illegal aliens. Arizona had been signed up with 287(g) for years, until Obama abruptly cancelled it.

As you know, Pres. Obama sued the state of Arizona to block S.B. 1070, the nation-leading bill that gave Arizona several ways to enforce immigration laws. The Obama administration claimed that the federal government and only the federal government can enforce immigration laws. After literally years of litigation, the Supreme Court returned a mixed decision.

The court agreed that Congress must set immigration policy, and it threw out several of the enforcement methods in SB 1070. Yet the justices allowed the most important enforcement method to stand. Arizona IS permitted to require its police to check on immigration status of people who are already detained, such as in traffic stops. If the persons challenged cannot show they are in the U.S. legally, the Supreme Court agrees that the state can turn them over to federal officers.

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How did the Obama administration react to the court’s decision? Did it agree to work hard with Arizona law enforcement officials to remove illegal aliens from that state? No, the administration retaliated by immediately canceling its 287(g) agreement with Arizona. In effect, the people of Arizona were told, “If you dare to speak back to us, we will punish you. We will refuse to cooperate with you. We will not even come to pick up illegal aliens you pick up in your state.”

This is outrageous! The whole purpose of 287(g) is to help local law enforcement remove illegal aliens they come across while enforcing state law.

The administration seems to be warning states that if they pursue their Supreme Court-affirmed right to enquire about immigration status, the federal government will burn down their state and bring out the marshmallows!

Obama insists that Congress must set all immigration policy. Yet Pres. Obama isn’t allowing Arizona to use one of the few means Congress has authorized, which is 287(g). Ironically, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recognizes, on their website, the effectiveness of the 287(g) program:

“Terrorism and criminal activity are most effectively combated through a multi-agency/multi-authority approach that encompasses federal, state and local resources, skills and expertise.”

The Obama administration’s move is another action that may barely fall within the letter of law but clearly violates the spirit of Congress. It will set back immigration enforcement by years if left standing. It must be undone.

Need more proof? Just today the administration flatly refused to enter into a 287(g) partnership with Virginia, another enforcement-oriented state. What’s next?

Our Capital hill team is working with members of Congress right now to draft laws that would allow enforcement of immigration laws without the administration’s cooperation.

We’re also working very hard to undo the president’s disastrous and unilateral amnesty announced two weeks ago. We ARE pushing back hard to turn this situation around, but we need your help to do so. As soon as the legislation is introduced, we’ll send you alerts to allow you to press Congress for action.

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Our web site, fax services and e-mails will always be free to users. We have sent more than 100,000 of your faxes to Congress and the White House just this week alone. Our methods are unique, and are uniquely expensive. Why don’t other groups emphasize faxing to Congress and the White House? They don’t because it costs too much money, but we MUST be willing to use the more-influential faxing and break the piggy bank to save this situation.

We are committed to making sure that all Americans have the opportunity to press for immigration reform. But to provide fast, timely, expert analysis and the best, most effective ways to influence Congress, we must pay our bills. Please help by donating

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