Emma West Update Trial Moved to July : Emma Is Spot On; Not Crazy Not Criminal

It’s all bad for White Native Britons in England.


 As British Nationalist said  easier to have her plead Mad then view what Emma said as a legitimate complaint

Emma West race rant trial moved to July

THE trial of alleged tram racist Emma West has been adjourned for further psychiatric reports.

West, 28, of Grenville Road, New Addington, is charged with two racially aggravated public order offences after a video, which apparently shows her abusing black, Asian and Polish tram passengers while holding her four-year-old son, was posted on YouTube.

kelly hollingsworth – racist black jamacian who caused Emma West to be jailed for telling the truth

The mother-of-two pleaded not guilty and had been due to face trial at Croydon Crown Court on Monday.

However, the case was adjourned for further psychiatric reports ahead of a new hearing on July 16.

The YouTube video, called My Tram Experience and filmed on a tram travelling between Croydon and Wimbledon, was watched by more than 11 million people after it was uploaded on November 27 last year.

Croydon Crown Court has previously heard that West, a former dental receptionist, had taken a double dose of her medication at the time of the incident, which is believed to have occurred on October 18 last year

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One Response to Emma West Update Trial Moved to July : Emma Is Spot On; Not Crazy Not Criminal

  1. Julian Lee says:

    Emma West Reversed Speech

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