if Emma loses and she may lose, she will probably have her right to parent her children compromised, whether she is ruled “crazy” or criminal.

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  1. stressedoutidealist says:

    Everyone needs to be aware and spread the word so that if they try to take her children into care there will be demonstrations.

    • snoremonster says:

      I think they moved the trial to July, knowing that people would be on vacation and not on the internet. Summer is a great time (politically-speaking and this is a political trial) to cause a lot of damage and go unnoticed.
      Emma is not the first person in England to be convicted simply for shouting at a non-white foreigner. Emma has already been tried and convicted without a trial, the myth of having a day in court is a lot of crap that lawyers spout off about so you will waste your money hiring them.

      • stressedoutidealist says:

        Agreed, we must get the word out and I think there should be a flash demo after the verdict

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