Latino Family Values: Mexican Dude IGNACIO RODRIGUEZ MONDRAGON tries to Shoot Mexican wife Esperanza Padilla:Police Fail to Check Immigration Status

Hillsboro Police Investigate Domestic Assault Involving A Weapon
Hillsboro Police Dept.– 06/07/12  More Darwin Awards for Violent Mexicans In Oregon

Latino Family Values: Mexican Dude  IGNACIO RODRIGUEZ MONDRAGON tries to Shoot Mexican wife Esperanza Padilla:Police Fail to Check Immigration  Status

 Tualatin Valley Workshop  hires illegal  breeders from Mexico rather then Americans

On 06/07/2012 at 8:05 AM, Hillsboro Police Patrol Officers were called to 234th Avenue and Alexander St in response to a domestic assault occurring in the street involving a man with a gun.

This crime began at the Tualatin Valley Workshop located at 6615 SE Alexander Street where the suspect entered the location of his wife’s employment to assault his wife over a domestic dispute. The quarrel spilled out to the parking lot and onto Alexander Street involving the wife, husband, and two other men coming to the victim’s aid.

The victim, identified as Esperanza Padilla, age 28 of Hillsboro, was able to wrestle a .22 caliber handgun from the suspect and fire 9 rounds into the ground in an effort to run the gun out of ammunition.

The suspect, identified as IGNACIO RODRIGUEZ MONDRAGON, age 28, of Hillsboro gained control of the gun again and was tackled by 3 men who were able to get the weapon away from Mondragon. The men held the suspect down until police arrived.

No persons were injured during this incident.

The suspect was arrested and lodged in the Washington County Jail on a charge of Attempted Murder.

Police have cleared the scene and the victim and citizen participants do not wish to be interviewed.

The investigation continues by HPD Detectives

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