Two Drunk Mexican Anchor Babies Car Crash Rollovers Carlos Perez-Fregoso Esbeydi Cazarez-Olvera

 Two Drunk Mexican Anchor Babies Car Crash Rollovers Carlos Perez-Fregoso Esbeydi Cazarez-Olvera 

 If immigration laws were enforced in  Oregon, and illegals deported and the anchor baby clause revoked these two mexican brats wouldnt be in Oregon costing the taxpayers money

.another fail for washington county jail: five of the pictures posted below do not upload , so the mug shot of the female mexican drunk isnt available. Only one out of five . NO fine! I was going  to give them credit for showing the mug shot of a mexican drunk driver,


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Two DUII Rollover Crashes

Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office– 06/03/12

Summary of Event
Late Saturday and Early Sunday morning, Washington County Deputies responded to two DUII rollover crashes. One was wearing his seatbelt the other was not and she was ejected from her vehicle.

Full Details
On Saturday June 2, at 10:11pm, Washington County Deputies responded to a single vehicle rollover crash on SW Farmington Road. Upon arrival they located a 1998 Ford Ranger sitting on it’s roof. During the course of their investigation deputies determined that 21-year-old Carlos Perez-Fregoso was driving impaired. He was arrested and taken to the Washington County Jail for DUII. His blood alcohol level was .11.

On Sunday June 3, 2012 at 3:30am, Washington County Deputies responded to another rollover crash on SW Tualatin Valley Highway at SW 334th Avenue. Upon arrival, they located a 2002 Ford Explorer with significant damage. Additionally, the driver 19-year-old Esbeydi Cazarez-Olvera was not wearing her seatbelt and was ejected from her vehicle. Ms. Cazarea-Olvera was taken by ambulance to Emanuel and is listed in serious condition.

During the course of the investigation deputies determined she was driving impaired. Her blood alcohol level was .24, three times the legal limit. She was cited and release at the hospital for DUII and Reckless Driving.

The investigating deputy believes that the injuries to Esbeydi Cazarez-Olvera would have been minimized had she been wearing her seatbelt. Mr. Carlos Perez-Fregoso was wearing his seatbelt and he walked away from his vehicle crash. The Center For Disease Control reports, “Seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about 50%.”

Every year the Washington County Sheriff’s Office arrests about 1,200 alcohol and drug impaired drivers, which is an enforcement priority for the Sheriff’s Office.

Attached Media Files: 2012-06/1128/54906/PR_120603.1_DUII_Rollover_Crashes.pdf , 2012-06/1128/54906/Cazarez-Olvera_#2_(Small).JPG , 2012-06/1128/54906/Cazarez-Olvera_#1_(Small).JPG , 2012-06/1128/54906/Perez-Fregoso_#2_(Small).JPG , 2012-06/1128/54906/Perez-Fregoso_#1_(Small).JPG , 2012-06/1128/54906/Perez-Fregoso_Mug_Shot.JPG

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