Mexican Roadkill: It Happens Maria De Los Carrasco Angulo- now dead

Maria De Los Carrasco Angulo- now dead . we can safely assume, due to the complete lack of immigration law enforcement was an illegal alien or a mexican who came to the US illegally.

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 So now an American is in jail for killing her, yet if she had stayed in Mexico and followed our laws she would never have been killed on Fourth Plain in Vancouver Washington, a place that had almost no mexicans or other latinos twenty years ago and is now a Mexican Russian slum, along with black negro gangsters from North Portland. She would have been in Mexico or whatever other latino third world shithole she came from.

Vancouver Police Ask for Assistance from the Public to Identify Individuals that may have Information concerning the Vehicular Assault/Fatal Hit and Run

Vancouver Police Dept.– 06/01/12

The Vancouver Police Traffic Unit is continuing an investigation into the hit and run fatality on May 3, 2012 that killed Maria De Los Carrasco Angulo in the area of Fourth Plain Blvd and Neals Lane. Vancouver Police arrested the driver of the vehicle, James I. Collins, for Vehicular Homicide and Felony Hit and Run.

Investigators have since obtained video images which show three additional individuals that had contact with Collins’ prior to or just after the collision that killed Ms. Angulo.

The Vancouver Police Department would like to talk to these individuals and are asking for assistance from the public in identifying them.

Anyone with information on the identity of any of these individuals should contact Officer Paul Brewster at (360) 487-7383.

Attached Media Files: 2012-06/385/54884/B33X.BMP , 2012-06/385/54884/B33W.BMP , 2012-06/385/54884/B28W.BMP , 2012-06/385/54884/B20X.BMP , 2012-06/385/54884/B20W.BMP

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