Racism By Washington County Sheriffs Against Non Mexicans Teresa J. Florio vs White Girl

 Washington County, a barrio of Mexico, has been protecting it’s huge illegal mexican population for a long time. There are no mexicans in Washington County, they are all nice spanish people and of course they are not illegal.   Washington County jail covers up the huge ammount of mexican crime by listing all mexicans as White Males or White females. Since they also do not post photos, one can come to the conclusion that Oregon is full of White Spanish people. Not true, most  very dark  mullatoes or full Indian. Oregon is not experiencing a huge influx of white people from England or  France for instance. Now , in one week they have exposed their racism against whites in Washington County. Below is the drunk driving release for a crazy mexican woman named Tereasa who drove into a biulding in the Beaverton Area. A week later a teen , but every blond girl was arrested for drunk driving and her photo was posted but not The Mexican Teresa.

washington county sheriffs posted her picture because she was a white woman, and hid a mexican drunk drivers image from the publlic.


DUII Woman hits Three parked cars and Crashes into Building

Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office– 05/25/12

Summary of Event

Today a woman crashed into three parked cars before plowing her SUV into a restaurant in the Bethany area. Luckily the restaurant was closed and no one was hurt. She was arrested for DUII.

Full Details

On Friday, May 25, 2012, at about 7:22 pm, Sheriff’s deputies responded to a crash at 4888 NW Bethany Boulevard in the community of Bethany (an Enhanced Sheriff’s Patrol District.) A 1999 Chevy Tahoe driven by 51-year-old Teresa J. Florio, from the Bethany area, crashed into a restaurant after hitting three parked cars.

Once Sheriff’s deputies arrived and determined that no one was injured, they began their investigation into the cause of the crash. They determined that Mrs. Florio started in the parking lot across the street from the Sweet Leon Café. She backed into one car and then proceeded forward and crashed into two other cars. She then drove over a retaining wall, over the sidewalk, across NW Central Drive, over another sidewalk, and through the front window of the restaurant. Thankfully the Sweet Lemon Café, is closed for the weekend and no one was inside.

Deputies investigating the crash determined that Mrs. Florio was intoxicated and arrested her for DUII. She was transported to the Washington County Jail and booked on DUII Charges.

Attached Media Files: 2012-05/1128/54736/PR_120525_DUII_into_Building.doc , 2012-05/1128/54736/photo_5.JPG , 2012-05/1128/54736/photo_4.JPG , 2012-05/1128/54736/photo_3.JPG , 2012-05/1128/54736/photo_1.JPG

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