US Taxpayers provide Free Dental Work for Hispanic/ Latino / Mexican Illegal aliens in Oregon- Call Angela at 503-353-5663.

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 On the surface it appears that Legal Native Born Non Spanish Speaking Children will be given free dental work also, and yes they can if they can shove aside all the mexican illegal aliens the program is really for. Note , not only is it Bi-lingual . they have it staffed with many spanish speaking helpers and one of the programs employees is yet another most likely mexican woman named Angela.  

  What if the parents of english speaking children are afraid of their kids catching incurable TB or lice or bedbugs from the illegal children. One of the less noted parts about illegal aliens and their children is the lack of medical testing, something Ellis Island was strict about.  What happens to poor whites is they are displaced from most of the programs geared for the poor because they are shoved aside by the very aggresive immigrant populations.

Dental program provides free treatments

North Clackamas Sch. Dist.– 04/30/12

Thanks to a joint effort between the Dental Health Solutions program in North Clackamas Schools and the Kaiser dental program, on Saturday 29 students received free dental treatment. Bilingual teen volunteers from the Sabin-Schellenberg Health Services program supported the event.

The Give Kids a Smile Day event has become an annual event, part of a grant-funded program that provides dental screenings, dental hygiene instruction, and urgently needed treatments to children who lack dental insurance or access to care.

“Children cannot focus on learning when they suffer chronic dental pain,” said program administrator Leslie Robinette. “Providing dental care not only improves students’ overall health, but it also helps them return to the classroom ready to learn.”

More volunteers are needed for upcoming dental van and screening events. To volunteer as a dentist or hygienist with Dental Health Solutions, call Marci or Angela at 503-353-5663.

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