Flash Mob Black African Teens Rob Loot Nordstroms Lloyd Center Portland – the New Detroit

 Flash Mob Black African Teens Rob Loot Nordstroms Lloyd Center Portland – the New Detroit

NPR National Public Radio has a new term for white people who point out how crimes commited by Black African Negros. It’s called playing the Violence Card. It’s just  another way to silence us, like calling illegal aliens, undocument migrants, or trying to outlaw the words illegal alien.

Portland Police Investigating Flash Mob Theft at Lloyd Center

 Maybe Zimmerman was onto something?
 Portland Police are so afraid of being called racist and having Eric Holder of the Justice Department investigate them, that they are letting black teens take over Portland ,along with illegal mexicans and the mexican drug cartel

Portland Police Bureau– 04/13/12

2012-04/3056/53366/PPB_Badge.jpgThis evening, Friday April 13, 2012, at 8:05 p.m., Portland Police officers assigned to North Precinct responded to the report of a “flash mob” theft at Nordstoms Lloyd Center.

Officers arrived and spoke with employees and learned that a group of approximately 10 African American male teens were in the store and began taking items and putting them in bags then ran out the Southwest doors of the store towards Northeast 9th Avenue.

Officers checking the area recovered some of the stolen clothing but did not locate the suspects.

The suspects are described as male African Americans, ages 13 to 19 years old, all wearing hats and hoodies with their faces covered.

Officers will be working with Nordstroms to obtain surveillance video.

Anyone with information about this theft is urged to submit information to CrimeTips@PortlandOregon.gov.


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