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Carlos Reynaud and Pedro Reynaud Erazo ” Criminal Illegal Hondureans Use Fraudlent Address to Sell On Amazon /com” Goodwill Bullies exposed

 A little bird just send me this information on Illegal alien Pedro Reynaud Erazo, who has still not been deported after being arrested for stolen credit cards and computers and who now sells illegally on amazon, committing a new felony … Continue reading

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National Council of La Raza Janet Murguia refuses to admit george Zimmerman is a brown mestizo anchor baby hispanic

Zimmerman’s mother was peruvian which makes him mestizo and not a white male after all, more like a half breed or a bi-racial like Obama. But Hispanics dont want the blame so they are letting the term white male stick … Continue reading

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NUmbersusa – Obama Continues his Backdoor Amnesty for Illegal aliens. A vote for Obama is a vote for the Mexican Drug Cartel

    March to 100 Cosponsors of H.R. 2885 (No more illegal aliens in payroll jobs) 74 Co-Signers 26 More to Go Support Mandatory E-Verify Legislation – Rep. Lamar Smith (H.R.2164) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (S.1196) ▶ ACTION NEEDED: Sign … Continue reading

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