Illegal Mexican Lorenzo Garcia-Ceja Suspect in 2009 Murder Extradited From Mexico

Illegal Mexican Lorenzo Garcia-Ceja Suspect in 2009 Murder Extradited From Mexico

 The problem is Oregon has open borders, does not deport, does not check immigration status of illegal aliens, and because of this , Salem is a barrio of mexico, full of crime and anchor babies.

Salem Police Dept.– 03/22/12

The Salem Police Department and the Marion County District Attorney’s Office are pleased to report that Lorenzo Garcia-Ceja, 20 years of age, has been extradited from Mexico today and has been lodged at the Marion County Correctional Facility. Garcia is the suspect in the May 26, 2009 shooting in Northgate Park that killed Montez Bailey, who was 20 years of age; and wounded Skylar Hyland, 24 years of age, and Cameron Carolino, 23 years of age.

Garcia fled to Mexico shortly after the shooting. Detective Jamie Vasas of the Salem Police Department developed information that Lorenzo Garcia-Ceja was with his 31 year old brother Manuel Garcia-Ceja in Zamora, Michoacan, Mexico. Manuel was also a fugitive from Salem, wanted for Attempted Murder involving the 2006 stabbing of an ex-girlfriend. The Salem Police Department contacted the FBI and requested their assistance in the apprehension of the two. Detective Vasas and Deputy District Attorney Paige Clarkson prepared Federal Provisional Arrest Warrants for the brothers.

On June 3, 2010, Mexican law enforcement officers, in cooperation with the FBI, arrested Lorenzo and Manuel in Zamora and the pair were transported to a prison in Mexico City for processing.

On November 3, 2010, Manuel Garcia-Ceja was extradited back to the United States. He has since pled guilty to Attempted Murder and Assault in the First Degree and was sentenced to 90 months in prison on December 13, 2010. Lorenzo Garcia-Ceja remained in Mexico challenging extradition.

The successful extradition of Lorenzo Garcia-Ceja will now allow the 2009 murder to be prosecuted in Marion County. This would not have been possible without the cooperation of Mexican authorities, the United States Department of Justice-Office of International Affairs, the FBI, the Marion County District Attorney’s Office, and the Salem Police Department.

Garcia-Ceja is expected to appear in Marion County Circuit Court located at 4000 Aumsville Highway on Monday March 26, 2012 at 3PM.
All further press releases regarding this case will come from the Marion County District Attorney’s Office. They can be reached at (503)588-5222.

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15 Responses to Illegal Mexican Lorenzo Garcia-Ceja Suspect in 2009 Murder Extradited From Mexico

  1. Zoe says:

    This is BS Lorenzo HAS PAPERS! He was born in Los Angeles who ever wrote this is Stupid AF n I bet Racist! “illegals” help make this damn world go round lazy ass white people dont do any hard labor! Mexican and Latinos are out in the fields working there asses off so NO Oregon doesnt check there imigration status probbly as a good thing because white people only take money from the goverment while mexicans do the hard work. Fuck who ever wrote this Zoe Serrano said it.

    • snoremonster says:

      we did just fine without the mexican fat ass rapists .Carter stopped mechanical harvesting ang began importing mexicans, almost all of whom turned into criminals and breeder sluts.

      • Zoe says:

        Are you Suree of wat your saying?? Mexicans arent rapist dip shit look at how many tweeking White mothers have killed there kids 😕 Sold them for more drugs if you watch the news you would see Latinos Always support their kids never leave them alone so talk all you want but be smart enough to open your eyes and look at how te whole commiunite has changed every race not only one itself

  2. Alex says:

    Zoe…When did you leave school? Did you ever attend one? You spell like a retard and have the ‘logic’ of a half-wit…You give your allegiance (that means ‘support’ in idiot language) to some of the most violent, criminal creatures on the planet. You embarrass the small percentage of decent Mexicans with your idiotic babbling. Whites show you up for the fool you are. Go and pick up a lazy cretin.

    • snoremonster says:

      Alex – apparently you have never experienced a mass invasion of your own country.
      The Asians are hardly family types, yes they bond with other racist Asians and form their own racist criminal empires.
      Same with the Indians from India, who are not part of US history in any way, nor entitled to enter the US and steal our high tech jobs, which they do.

      • Alex says:

        Don’t get pissed with me Snoremonster although I can appreciate why you would be..I was I was being a bit flippant about the “Asians are family people’ remark…Actually I find many to be very cruel towards their children for not bringing in the top school award, scholarship and salary range..I just think they CAN be a lesser evil than the Blacks and Hispanic thugs. Yet you know, and I know’ they hold White compassion in contempt, or exploit it , and they get into the big-time drug running (not just Triad) and corporate fraud schemes. The UK is ‘my country’…it is my heartland Snoremaster…and I know how it turns your guts to see strangers arrogantly strutting asround, scamming and bludging and taking jobs off Brit men. I bloody hate those aggressive, crass materialists with their sense of entitlement to Whiteman”s tax money and all that Whiteman built and paid for in blood, sweat and England, Britain . Australia and New Zealand. The Asians here park their arrogant, competitive arses on the seats of the ‘best’ State-funded schools..just as they did in the UK and they sneer at the gentle, less competitive and materially ambitious White students (and Maori) as they only admire brute strength…and money and power is their God. The immigrant to fear here is the pissed or drugged Pacific Islander type with a prayerbook in one hand and a machete in the other. Many ape the Black shit gangsta murderers in the USA..form gangs, love bling bling and cRAP, have turf wars, deal in drugs, full of hate and blaming ‘cracker” ( Neither they nor their ancestors were ever slaves) but play the victim and cash in on and blame Whitey (big time) for their lack of education and economic ‘success.’ One seriously retarded arrogant arsehole murdered my sister’s only son….his mistake? Sleeping in a car after a family wedding at a seaside venue. It, and his accomplices, showed no remorse at bored them witless…got nothing as a sentence virtually—young age and all that. They, and our politicians, disgust me. I would prefer to live in the UK ( A White part) but at the moment its Communist-style Police State and multicult is doing my head in. I suggested you relocate to save your sanity…I am on your side. I do understand where you are coming from and we both know where this will end up…the pigs are everywhere.

      • snoremonster says:

        I am very sorry to hear that your nephew was murdered by one of them. There is just no justice or way of accepting such a horrible thing, because your nephew would not have been killed if the borders were closed.
        Thank you for explainng your postion which is extremely close to mine, except I want no more immigration for ten years. We don’t get good immigrants like you in any real numbers, white english go to Canada.
        I did relocate and they are following me, they want to live in mostly white areas because the crime is so low and they dont have to deal with other immigrant skanks. ps we have hoof and mouth disease in the public schools in Hillsboro oregon, not to mention every other latin parasite. Thats open borders for you.

    • Zoe says:

      Alex, your a fuckin dumb shit. No I didnt go to school and I care less of what your piece of shit lame ass has to say. Im a descrase to Mexicans? LMFAO!! Im not even mexican idiot get your shit straight pinche vato pendejo vales pura verga bitcha ala bestia con vos. If you dont like the way I spell, Dont read it you tard noones forcing you. Yes I am supporting Lorenzo becuase you dumb pieces of shit dont know what happened if you knew either of them you would understand. DONT BANG IF YOU AINT GONA HANG! Real Gangsters dont fuck around and Bailey knew what was coming, he just thought it would never happen so the fool got blasted plain& simple he shoulda known not to fuck with Real G’s and shouldnt of been bullying.

      • weimar1 says:

        Zoe…..Listen and learn : The world now knows that you are not even ape. Rot in racist, White-envying, White-hating, insecure, mentally retarded, wastrel who needs to suck off Whiteman’s teat like the infantile, cretinous, moronic, stupido fool that you are. You are ‘a descrase’ to the animal kingdom. Get off the cactus juice fried brain! Better still..go and drink 100 vats of the stuff tonight…..Down Mexico Way.

      • snoremonster says:

        obama just gave them amnesty- so Zoe , who is some half witted mexican, is out dancing in the streets.

        President Bypasses Congress, Violates U.S. Constitution; Amnesty Declared for Millions of Illegal Aliens!

        Obama Decrees the Very Amnesty Congress Rejected.

        Dear Snoremonster
        For over a decade, NumbersUSA has fought every effort by Congress to pass an amnesty. We’ve fought against proposals by Presidents Bush and Obama. With your help, we’ve won every time.

        Now, frustrated by that Congress has actually listened to voters, President Obama has decided to issue an unilateral amnesty, broader even than the DREAM Act, without the consent of Congress.

        Last Friday, Obama announced that he is suspending the deportation most illegal aliens under the age of 31—he stated he will also give them work permits—allowing them to take U.S. jobs. These are jobs desperately needed by 20 million unemployed Americans and millions of graduating American youth.

        or click

        But this declaration is more than a betrayal. It is a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution.

        The Constitution gives law-making powers to Congress alone. All immigration policy powers are given to Congress alone. The President has no authority to give a de facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. And doing so right now, when 20 million Americans have no work, is a stab in the back to every American who can’t find a job.

        this is the most serious policy crisis we have faced in two years. If there was ever a time we need your financial help, it’s NOW! You know that nobody fights harder than NumbersUSA. But without your financial help we can do nothing. So, please donate!

        or click

        Next, only a massive outcry from the American people, including every single NumbersUSA member, can make the White House reverse course. Help turn this situation around by first donating, then going to:

  3. Alex says:

    See, your tender compassion is the thing the unevolved don’t get about the Almighty White race….the Non-Whites compete, rip off and hate each other..but we, even as strangers, come from a point of understanding that we are connected ethnically, culturally and spiritually. All best summed up by a loud-mouthed Muslim bitch who saw me instinctively reacting to assist another solitary White person: “YOU LOVE EACH OTHER”…she kept loudly screeching in anger, disbelief and frustration because I had not rushed over to her. (There were plenty of its litter hanging around nearby.) This takeover spirit of the Immigrant bludger won’t win. It will not the war…a few battles..yes.. and, sadly, with casualties, like our lad…but the bastards won’t win the war. There are bigger powers that psychopathic MultiKult Marxists/ Mafia terrorists. And because when smart people are oppressed like Whites are…they network and become innovative.

    • Alex says:

      Look up the latest from Themadjewess. Three Black shits murdered an incredibly handsome, White 17 year old and some other Black shit stabbed two White people in a robbery…( No comment by Soetoro or Holder). Until Whites step up and show their innate compassion and allegiance to the White tribe.. or they are done with visiting the morgue and burying their own……NOTHING will change.

      • snoremonster says:

        sd to crimes committed by Black Negroes and foreign non-white nationals, I can’t even begin to cover all the crimes they commit which are buried by the media.Our jails are full of blacks and foreign nationals and we still can’t talk about it because it would be racist.
        well Alex, most of the time our hands are tied. If the landlords and real estate people would do their jobs properly we could find all white areas like the one I grew up in.
        being labeled a racist is worse then baby killer in the US, and one risks excommunication as in the days of the Catholic church. arrest or loss of jobs or a place in the community can come from just asking why we have to take in so many blacks asians mexicans. Young people who are white have a hard time finding jobs because they are filled by foriegn nationals who hire their own people, not Legal Americans, because they prefer slaves. I feel like I am in the French Underground. My mother who is educated, called me a bigoted republican when I said I wouldnt vote for Obama. I will never forgive them for thier own hateful bigotry against me for simply wanting immigration laws enforced.

    • snoremonster says:

      yes they are always watching us, yet they aren’t racist but we are. I was at the library where they have ( because of affirmative action they hired an asian woman who barely speaks english, instead of a native born local white person)
      a woman was gushing and asking her where in asia she was from, and then I heard her say oh my friend is from that asian country. I looked up and saw the woman speaking was chinese and she was watching me to note my racism. I has thought she was a pc white liberal who just loved diversity. I could tell from her eyes she thought I was a white and an outsider. There is also a black african immigrant at the vets office and a black afrian immigrant at the local super over priced market. This in a county where white local kids cant get jobs. So when people say oh but this racial group isn’t so bad , I have to say yes they are, because our laws place them before native born Americans.

  4. Alex says:

    Obumma wants the votes of the EEEDDDIIIOOTTTS…isn’t Spain supposed to be ‘counting’ the USA elections ‘votes’ for which you need NO identification to do? The Prez of the mob probably hopes this negates its own illegal status. His ‘mammie’ was a ‘Miss Ann’ type according to Pastor Manning He called her ‘White Trash.’ All ‘liberals’ are dangerous, ignorant, arrogant, brainwashed White-hating, multikult worshipping, God-hating, communist trash–in my opinion. Americans must stop this dictatorial crap or sink like Atlantis.

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