Hate Crime Conviction against Dharun Ravi Indian National Convicted of Hate Crimes against Legal Native Born American Tyler Clementi,

Hate Crime Conviction against  Dharun Ravi  Indian National Convicted of Hate Crimes against Legal Native Born American Tyler Clementi,  

As an Indian citizen in the US on a green card, Ravi could be deported after sentencing. Until his sentencing date (and only after surrendering his passport), he remains free on $25,000 bail.

 Keep in  mind that the fake green card business is a huge underground industry in the US. You can buy a social security card and a fake green card for about 200.00 ,thanks to Mexican criminals. Non gay white males  and females  will never have the Hate Crime laws used in their favor to protect them. Only  young gay white males  are covered. This case is interesting because it’s the first time I have heard the word deportation in a long time, and because it is a hate crime by an immigrant against a US citizen.  

  • Dharun Ravi enters the courtroom during jury deliberations at the Middlesex County Courthouse, Thursday, March 15, 2012 in New Brunswick, N.J.. Ravi, a former Rutgers University student, faces 15 criminal charges, including invasion of privacy and bias intimidation, a hate crime. His freshman-year roommate, Tyler Clementi, jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge in September 2010, just days after Clementi's intimate encounter with another man. (AP Photo/John O'Boyle, Pool)Enlarge PhotoDharun Ravi enters the courtroom during jury deliberations …

  • Defense attorney Philip Nettl, left, and Dharun Ravi sit in the courtroom during jury deliberations at the Middlesex County Courthouse, Thursday, March 15, 2012 in New Brunswick, N.J.. Ravi, a former Rutgers University student, faces 15 criminal charges, including invasion of privacy and bias intimidation, a hate crime. His freshman-year roommate, Tyler Clementi, jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge in September 2010, just days after Clementi's intimate encounter with another man. (AP Photo/John O'Boyle, Pool)Enlarge PhotoDefense attorney Philip Nettl, left, and Dharun Ravi …
  • Judge Glenn Berman dismisses the jury for the day during the trial of Dharun Ravi at the Middlesex County Courthouse, Thursday, March 15, 2012 in New Brunswick, N.J.. Ravi, a former Rutgers University student, faces 15 criminal charges, including invasion of privacy and bias intimidation, a hate crime. His freshman-year roommate, Tyler Clementi, jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge in September 2010, just days after Clementi's intimate encounter with another man. (AP Photo/John O'Boyle, Pool)Enlarge PhotoJudge Glenn Berman dismisses the jury for the day during …

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (AP) — An Ugly Illegal Alien from India  former Rutgers University student accused of using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate’s love life was convicted of all counts Friday in a case that exploded into the headlines when the victim of the snooping committed suicide by throwing himself off a bridge.

Dharun Ravi, 20, shook his head slightly after the guilty verdicts were read for all 15 counts, including bias intimidation — a hate crime that was based on the victim’s sexual orientation — and invasion of privacy.

He could get years in prison — and could be deported to his native India, even though he has lived legally in the U.S. since he was a little boy —  bullshit Not legally but Illegal- another cover up by Pro amnesty YahooAlso India does not accept deported Nationals, once they come to the US we are stuck with them for good

 for his part in an act that cast a spotlight on teen suicide and anti-gay bullying and illustrated the Internet’s potential for tormenting others.

Prosecutors said that Ravi set up a webcam in his dorm room in September 2010 and captured his roommate, Tyler Clementi, kissing another man, then tweeted about it and excitedly tried to catch Clementi in the act again two days later. About a half-dozen students were believed to have seen the live video of the kissing.

Within days, Clementi realized he had been watched and leaped from the George Washington Bridge after posting one last status update on Facebook: “Jumping off the gw bridge, sorry.”

Ravi’s lawyer argued that the college freshman was not motivated by any malice toward gays — a necessary element to prove a hate crime — and that his actions were just those of an immature “kid.”

The defense also contended Ravi initially set up the camera because he was afraid Clementi’s older, “sketchy”-looking visitor might steal his belongings.

Ravi was not charged with causing Clementi’s death, and the suicide remained largely in the background at the trial, though some witnesses mentioned it and the jury was told Clementi had taken his life. Prosecutors were not allowed to argue directly that the spying led to his death; defense lawyers were barred from saying there were other reasons he killed himself.

Clementi’s death was one in a string of suicides by young gays around the country in September 2010.

New Jersey lawmakers hastened passage of an anti-bullying law because of the case, and Rutgers changed its housing policies to allow opposite-sex roommates in an effort to make gay, bisexual and transgender students feel more comfortable.

Testimony came from about 30 witnesses over 12 days, including the man seen kissing Clementi. The 32-year-old man was identified in court only by the initials M.B. Ravi himself did not testify, though the jury watched a video of his interrogation by police.

Ravi and Clementi, both 18-year-old freshmen from comfortable New Jersey suburbs, had been randomly assigned to room together at Rutgers, and Clementi had arrived at college just a few days after coming out to his parents as gay.

A string of students testified they never heard Ravi say anything bad about gays in general or Clementi in particular. But students did say Ravi expressed some concern about sharing a room with a gay man.

On Sept. 19, according to testimony, Clementi asked Ravi to leave their room so that he could have a guest. Later, Ravi posted on Twitter: “Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into molly’s room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yay.”

Ravi told police that he viewed only seconds of the encounter via computer.

His friend Molly Wei testified that she and a few other students also watched the live stream of the men kissing. (Wei was initially charged in the case but was later accepted into a pretrial program that will allow her to keep her record clean.)

Two nights later, Clementi asked for the room alone again. This time, Ravi tweeted: “I dare you to video chat me between the hours of 9:30 and 12. Yes, it’s happening again.” Ravi also texted a friend about a planned “viewing party” and, two students said, went to friends’ dorm rooms to show them how to access the feed.

However, there was no evidence the webcam was turned on that night. Ravi told police he had put his computer to sleep. Prosecutors argued Clementi himself unplugged the computer.

According to testimony, Clementi submitted a room-change request form and talked to a resident assistant about what happened. He also used his laptop to view Ravi’s Twitter site 38 times in the last two days of his life. He killed himself on Sept. 22.

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14 Responses to Hate Crime Conviction against Dharun Ravi Indian National Convicted of Hate Crimes against Legal Native Born American Tyler Clementi,

  1. whitefaggots says:

    Tyler is not a Native American

    Sorry, you filthy peckerwood GOP faggot.

    • snoremonster says:

      I didnt mean Native American as in Indian , I meant he was a legal native english speaker born in the US not of immigrant illegal alien parents.
      Yes I am making a guess on that one. But no, the Indian Ravi charged with hate crimes is not here legally. He came here as a child, an Indian Citizen, and he did not become legal automatically. Yahoo news doesnt like to report it but hidden in the phrase” he might be deported back to India” lets us know what his immigration status. However, India China and I think Iran do not accept back their citizens, so it is a serious matter to allow anyone into the US from those countries for student visas or H1-B visas.

      • Alex says:

        Snoremaster, speaking of ‘hate crimes’…can you get an update on the security guard, Zimmerman, and the shooting of Trayvon Martin in a ‘gated’ community? I know Jesse Jackson and Obama have made comments. Obama even was quoted as saying if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon !!! What has that emotional comment to do with establishing procedure and the FACTS and do we read in here that Obama has little objectivity and REACTS and FEELS less if a young White child is shot? Certainly, I, personally, have never heard him or any Government members expressing any sorrow for the suffering and murder of White children! I read somewhere there have been other comments flying around about the right to defend yourself while threatened that could be’ modified’ because of this incident. Whenever any child dies, it leaves all familiies devastated. It is a horrifyingly, lonely thing to lose a young family member. Yet, we must wait for the facts here so if you can enlighten us Snoremaster..that would be appreciated. I ask readers to watch on YOUTUBE: THE HISTORY OF BLACK AFRICANS IN ISLAM by an African (Black) academic-historian with vast knowledge on Islam. He said it is ignorance to say WHITES were responsible for the slave trade. Any slaves that did go to White lands had a better life than those that went as slaves under the brutal Arabs and the followers of Islam, he states. He is not the only historian to have written factual texts on how Blacks sold the Arabs Black slaves like cattle for profit. Many have shown great hostility to this intelligent and thoughtful author. He believes those young Blacks who are considering, or who have, converted to Islam, need to get FACTS!!! A lot of people would rather pour our emotions like HATE and RACISM against White people rather than take the time to get the evidence and facts..

      • snoremonster says:

        Well, I have been following the story and it has become so blown up in the media, that I felt I was too late for the party , as you might say.
        It’s just another example of the white hating media, who ignore every act of violence and murder by blacks against whites, and then when they find a black male they can use as a noble martyr, they implode with it. Yes, they are that desperate to cover up the true story of extreme violence by blacks in the US and elsewhere.
        To make matters worse, they refuse to get that the man who shot the Black Kid, is not white, he is a mestizo hispanic and is probably mostly Indian etc. So we have a Brown hispanic killing a Black male. It has nothing to do with white people. Hispanics hate blacks and they are on the same ethical level as far as violence. I could post 20 stories a day about black males and their violent acts, but it wouldnt get the media attention this one has.

  2. Alex says:

    America is at war. It is nearly bankrupt. Returned war veterans–wounded, or not, get nothing. I do not understand why unmarried women should expect to have their contraception paid for—–especially as many out there ARE degenerate, sexually perverted sluts that spread dangerous diseases (oral contraception does not protect taxpayers from footing the cost of AIDS treatment.) Will homosexual men and prostitutes get their copious amounts of ‘devices’ paid for too? How about the gals and guys in the filthy and insulting trade of ‘pornography?’ Married couples should pay for their own contraception. They always have in the past…unless a life threatening illness can be shown that requires oral hormone treatment. Still if all else fails, the ’emancipated’ female can get the sucker- mainly male taxpayer- to cough up and pay to have the ‘ parasite ‘( little human baby) ripped out of the womb and biffed into the rubbish bin–even if its little heart is beating. WHO CARES? The ‘parents’ didn’t want it anyway. They just wanted a quick shag on the toilet floor, next to the shit-splattered toilet bowl while ‘liberated’ demons high on drugs watch and cheer and count the number of used condoms on the floor..NICE. Until recently no-one called intimacy between a husband and wife— SEX….but these days WHORELYwood thrives on animalistic impulses, craven flesh ‘desires’..violence and S–E—X…..utterly boring..smelly, disease-carrying- humiliating, debauchery. People seem to love male and female sluts and jump to their defence. They won’t have a word said against them—-much like they won’t have a word said against loud-mouthed, violent, raping, murdering Blacks, Muslims and Hispanics. They are very loud in that VOCAL support in fact. They will screech you down because only THEY, the ‘tolerant’ liberal, have a right to an opinion. Hell, even in the UK White idiots came out in force to SUPPORT Muslim child rapists!! It is what the FRANKFURT SCHOOL OF CULTURAL MARXISM AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS has brainwashed them to do. That is why you always see the White idiots jumping and screeching and praising ‘multiculturalism’—the new religion. Each time a decent person protests and expresses concerns about losing Christian principles, nationhood and democratic ideals, they sneer and ridicule or litigate against them and/or plot to have whorehouses installed in the churches run by a mack daddy pimp and a madam called MORALITY. When, in WW2, a courageous German officer, who stood up to psychopathically vicious prison commanders ( often homosexual, sexual perverts), was waiting to be shot..he looked at them and said: YOU’RE ALL MAD…ALL OF YOU. He had tried in vain to use facts and reason to stop them from deriving pleasure at destroying people. I bow my head in respect to all those, including you Snoremaster, for trying. You have educated me. Thank you.

    • snoremonster says:

      dont give up yet Alex-perhaps you should let New Zealanders know whats coming down the pike, because as it gets worse many Whites will flee there but so will many problem breeders, to get your welfare bennies. It will ruin your morning to know that Transgender operations are paid for now and that it is not polite to ask why they have to have their genitals changed?
      personally I think irreversible sterilization should be the norm for both men and women in third world countries including india and china. and that any found in the US illegally should also be sterilized and then deported. I am concerned that CHina and India and Africa have over bred to such a point that the entire planet is going to experience mass famine and death., Seven Billion is too much… Every day I pay more and am more crowded because of the mass invasion of the west coast by mexicans and chinese and Somalians.

  3. Alex says:

    Snoremaster, Who can you believe these days? Check out— WAS TRAYVON MARTIN A DRUG DEALER? (www.wagist.com) according to this site, the ‘boy’ was 17 years’ old, had a full tattoo on most of his upper arm, another large one on his wrist (Sybrina ? ), had a mouth full of grill (gold teeth), had been suspended for 10 days at that time for being in an ‘unauthorised area’ at the Dr Michael M. Crop North Miami-Dade Senior High School,—this means an unauthorised area on school property, I assume,—and there are postings on this site to— @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA. that http://www.wagist.com maintains was Travyon Martin. One person posted: “I know you whooped his ass” (alluding to Zimmerman.) An eye witness said that Trayvon Martin had been living only with his Mother but went to stay with his father for the suspension period so was unknown to neighbours who were alarmed by him wearing a hoodie and wandering around. Another posting to No-limit-nigga said something about ‘swung on a bus driver’, ( the site indicates T. Martin did that) another stated :’Damn were u at Nigga need a plant and one calling himself ROMARIO 305 posted had the image of an older person giving a gang handcode sign. Finally, a Black next- door neighbour described Zimmerman favourably and I read elsewhere that he had helped a Black church and the community a lot. The most alarming thing was that another witness stated that he saw Travyon on TOP of Zimmerman ( wearing red) and http://www.wagist.com stated that Zimmerman had had his nose broken in the altercation! I just want to hear the facts but the media never seems to present them. Either way it is all depressing and a waste of everyone’s precious life. Who can you believe these days?

    • snoremonster says:

      They are giving him the Martin Luther King Treatment. They need a saint, a black saint, and Obama failed to deliver. White people need this because otherwise they might wake up.
      yes, it’s all media spin. Portland, which does not check immigration status or deport illegal aliens, just had the30 th gang shooting for 2012 and of course its two mulatto mexicans.

  4. Alex says:

    The last comment I will make is this: On Saturday or Sunday ( March 25) 2012 depending on time zones, a young, handsome White lad called, I believe, JOHN SANDERSON, was deliberately murdered by THREE Blacks near OLE Mississippi State University. You have to search for it. But his name was–JOHN SANDERSON—–.Can anyone in the United States confirm that JOHN SANDERSON was the young student murdered by THREE BLACK scum just a few days ago? Can anyone confirm that there was a racist attack by THREE Black scum who jumped and murdered JOHN SANDERSON in MISSISSIPPI near the State University? Just last weekend? And a short time before that, can anyone confirm that Blacks set alight a very young, White child (minor) and the mad BLACK(s) who did so have not been arrested or charged? Can anyone confirm that? No one has been charged for either offence. Can anyone confirm that? Hey, What about the White baby that was murdered by a Black ‘neighbour’ recently?–in FLORIDA, I believe. Can anyone confirm that? I spit on the media ‘moguls’ world-wide for their hatred of White people/ Christianity and morality/ harmony/ and democracy/ freedom. I despise them for their biased reporting. Mad, feeble-minded curs!

    • snoremonster says:

      why the last comment? when you go to England are you going to stonehenge and other places of our ancestors who were white ?

      • Alex says:

        Even in the late 1970s you could lie down under the Stonehenge circles and speculate about their origins: Was the erection of them to act as a massive sun dial to assist harvesting or fertility or was it an energy grid linked with the Earth’s leylines, and/ the pyramids. Maybe it was used for Ancient Celtic, Druid or pagan altar rituals, blood sacrifice offerings, depraved occult rituals. Perhap the giant stones (not local types) were Hebrew letters or the circles were a guide for alien satellite entry. Now with the multickult bombardment and overpopulation, motorway systems roar near by spewing carbon/monoxide/ dioxide and destroying the silence and mystery and you can no longer get through the security to be near them. Many foreign hoons drunk or drugged up have no appreciation of this part of Brit history and the White children no longer are taught about subtle spiritual realms. It is all bum and grind..animalisttic flesh-based obsessions…so boring, so unoriginal, so worthless, so corrupting. I may go again but how anyone could build a main highway extension near it..I will never understand. They may as well have shat over it. Still there are parts of my homeland where Muslims and Blacks do not go….the country village towns……I do not value corporate/industrial cities …..if they stay “Whites Only”…I will be content. We need some haven from all the ugliness, violence, noise, filth, ignorance, madness and retardation. Last Posting…for a few months at least…busy time. Protect yourself and family. Cheers and thanks.

      • snoremonster says:

        well said— I would also seek out the places the tourists and invaders havent found. sorry to hear you wont be around for a few months.I hope whatever tasks you have before you that you find them enjoyable.when i have a place I like that mexicans etc have not taken over, I tell no one about it. sadly these days as soon as someone has such a place they take pictures and write a blog about it ruining it. I define good places as ones where I see few people. I grew up in the mountains of Seattle, the cascades etc and so I learned early to not be afraid of solitude.
        ps Have to add- the evening news in Seattle. First a story on how the Seattle police are out of control with violence towards minorities and how they must be controlled, ie made into pansy ass wimps like the portland police who have to kiss AXXX to the blacks and liberals every day, next story is about how crime ( is blacks) has gotten so bad on Rainer ave in Seattle that major police squads from outside are shutting down bars – violence and murder everywhere committed by blacks and and Rainer ave is the black- foriegn trash section of Seattle. They can do this by not showing a single mug shot or video shot of the place at night. So , someone who doesnt know the area wouldnt know it was a black crime wasteland.

  5. Alex says:

    Dear God, tap into New Nation News–Black on White crime! It is gut churning how many White people are being raped and murdered by Black scum. EVIL DEMONS> Damned souls–including, on the site, The rape and murder of an 85 year old White woman recently/ BLACK Mason Perry Jones arrested for John Sanderson’s murder only a few days ago — Also, according to NEW NATION NEWS. A BLACK, James Wesley Jackson, arrested in murder of WHITE Jo Beth Marchand recently / BLACK Brian Mallory arrested for murder of WHITE Sarajane Hakopian (Feb).NEW NATION NEWS states that 90% of VICTIMS of ‘race hate’ crimes are WHITES. The attackers are BLACK. The victims are WHITE.” Blacks are the most racist peope in America, states BLACK Pastor Manning. ATLAH MINISTRIES.ORG. “Blacks are despicable,” he states. Pastor Manning calls Obama a “homosexual, Muslim, criminal” who has appointed other criminals (Black-Muslim) into the WhiteHouse and key positions…like Eric Holder. Another blog THE MAD JEWESS -RACE CRIMES also examines the horrific violence towards White people and Google search:—— 35,000 WHITE women raped by BLACKS each year. On average each year! How can Whites protest these deplorable facts when they are deliberately buried under Trayvon Hoodie advertisements, ‘indepth’ interviews with homosexuals and the sexually depraved and/or druggies and/ or tits and arses on the front pages of the newspapers and other media agencies of the FRANKFURT SCHOOL MULTIKULT COMMUNISTS? The MAD JEWESS is right when she says SILENCE IS HOLOCAUST…WHITE GENOCIDE. We need STAND YOUR GROUND more than ever, world wide, because too many Whites are being put INTO the ground (or crematorium ovens) by BLACKS. The civil war is here. Beware: The MEEK will truly inherit the Earth alright…..all 6 feet of it Notice none of ‘the leaders’ give a damn..they just want an opportunity to disarm Americans. It is easy to get rid of ignorant, unarmed civilians. “WHITES ARE GOIN’ RISE UP” warns Pastor Manning. ‘ WHAT’S WRONG WITCHA ALL, WHITE FOLK?’ asks Pastor Manning who cannot understand why we are doing nothing about mass murder –especially as he believes ‘ OBAMA IS PURE EVIL.’

  6. Alex says:

    Hi Snoremaster, got a minute or two. I was quoting Pastor Manning above who can not understand why Eric Holder did not continue with the charges of voter intimidation by the Black Panthers, If you read Ron Kolb’s blog usa.survival.org he lists many ‘corrupt’ acts that he alleges can be attributed to the now Attorney general and http://www.christianpost.com lists a watchdog groups’ ten most corrupt as Obama and Holder, among others. How tragic for the people of America to be so divided and to so fear their political leaders that they view them as immoral or corrupt or criminal. Pastor manning is very sure there are ‘criminals’ in the Whitehouse. Who knows the truth? All I can say is that the Western leaders worldwide seem to have a bizarre notion of what Constitutions and Bill or Rights and Democracy mean. Off to a remote Pacific island.

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