Caucasians were first to settle in North America Kennewick Man

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  1. Andre says:

    I’ve never bought in to the ‘All made in Africa’ dictate.I recall that some pontificating ‘academic’ with a Poliish-Russian-Jewish sounding name, like Professor Bronoswki, wrote a book and had a television series decades entitled: The Ascent of Man. He espoused the Orientals and Europeans ‘originated’ in Africa. He had not a shred of evidence..except to say that the the ice age forced bipids upwards and onwards and we ‘adapted.’ Marvellous what a bit of cold and ice does..It apparently changes your DNA, skin and eye colours ,cranium-brain size, your smell, all your physical features like creating a button or aquiline nose, lip shape and texture, your IQ, your sense of morality, theosophical and metaphysical beliefs, cultural development of subtlety and abstraction,your appreciation of beauty ,in clothing, gardening, artforms like classical music and architecture, your innate feelings of justice and respect in democracy, gentle behaviour and manners, and sense of compassion. Well obviously it is the ICE (or lack of it that is the problem)!!! because most Blacks have ascended nowhere. have they?…Except through the Ice people whom they would kill to live with..who extended welfare cheques and White scholarship money so some non-Ices could study free and qualify ( with low grades), where some still don’t make it because they are struck off and lose the right to practise in the professions. By the way I read that Michelle ‘Obama’ can not now practise law..why not???? Stupid Americans—-fancy voting for a President based on the colour of his skin instead of ‘the content of his character’. or whether he had the same qualities and core value systems as the ICE people…racist fools!!!! Why did the lazy idiots at least find out where he was or was not educated, who or who was not his mother and father (was it Malcolm X?)..and they could at least have verified his religion. political ideology, personal sexual preferences and his citizenship!!! There are some amazing “Black” statesmen like Colin Powell who could have done the job well…but NOOO…idiots gave the USA and the world a White-hating, Christian-hating, democratic-hating Godless, Marxist communist dictator. Snoremaster..any news on Emma West’s 17 February court case?

    • snoremonster says:

      Hi Andre No- I have no news on Emma West.. not too surprised about that,Tomorrow is D-Day, and anything but Acquittal is unacceptable.
      I don’t have any faith in the jury system, most will be afraid of being called Racists if they don’t condemn her.
      I also never accepted the idea that we are all descended from some big black ugly dude like ” Seal”. It’s really a racist idea started by an American black writer about a century ago, I think his name was Dubois.
      He wrote a racist book called the Negro

      • Andre says:

        William DuBois..Black born 1868..died..1963..paternal great-grandfather thnic Frence-American,,lived Massachusetts..suffered no discrimination at a White school according to Wikipedia..Tertiary education at Fisk, and Harvard,, ( first Black to get PH D…) went to Marxist University of Berlin, taught in Ohio..professor at Black Atlanta University. None of these opportunities were available in Africa……became a member of the NAACP..wanted then to break .”Anglo-Saxon hegemony” (weasel words)… and……and…..drum roll..please…… and to fight RACISM!. Where did he ‘suffer’ it…even his closest mate was supposed to be White! He was friends once with Black Marcus Garvey who favoured segregation but when Garvey set up THE BACK TO AFRICA movement DuBois denounced him. DuBois said he wanted ‘integration’ (an impossible concept) and I believe double-speak for ‘GOTTA GET WHITEY’.especially the Nordic/Anglo-Saxon—too White you see.But that ain’t ‘racism’ of course.!!! Idiotic and so pathetic that Whites buy in to the ‘slave guilt trip.’ One day a mature Black like Pastor Manning will let it be known what horrendous crimes some of those arrested and convicted Blacks back then engaged in against Whites. That silence is echoed by the silence now in relation to all the Blacks that are raping, torturing and murdering many, many thousands of Whites in shocking numbers world-wide..and particularly in South Africa. The same goes for those Kharzarian, Marxist Jews with their WE DID/DO NOTHING WRONG!!!! The persecution and expulsions were just because of…drum roll again…’racism.’ I wonder, if in a quiet moment, DuBois the dandy dresser and world traveller ever thanked the French-American Great-grandfather for impregnating his slave ancestor. In my private moments I lament that DuBois did not join Garvey in repatriating Blacks to their homeland…Africa. He lived to be 95 years old in the USA…not a likely occurrence in Africa then or now.

      • snoremonster says:

        excellent post Andre, yes, Blacks are still reaping the white guilt for all it’s worth.
        When I was in high school, one white liberal teacher had us reading black male rape literature the entire semester and it was about black males raping white women.’
        I find the words of Dubois , who really hated whites, repeated on blogs etc all over the internet. White Liberals don’t know what they are dealing with… did you know that in the beginning we were all black, but some blacks became mutant and deformed and became an icky shade of white….. That is Dubois.
        It seems now that Blacks have taken back their continent it is a good time for the Haitians and Jamaicans liken Ena may Eubanks to go back to the Homeland.

  2. Andre says:

    Have you looked at THE OLDEST REMAINS IN NORTH AMERICA ARE CAUCASIAN? How about CAUCASIANS WERE THE FIRST INHABITANTS OF AMERICA? There is absolute scientific, archaeological, and anthropological evidence in the form of Bog Mummies and skeletons and intricate woven textiles from caves and digs from Washington to Nevada to Florida that KENNEWICK MAN lived in north America and these remains were three times older that King TUT? There is historic and tribal cultural knowledge confirming it too. The Great grandson of Commanche chief bald Eagle, David Yeagley, maintained many of his tribe knew this. It seems that when the Asiatics crossed the Bering Strait from Russia to Alaska then headed south that they came into conflict with them. Despite the carbon-dating, nitrogen dating, the analysis of the fabrics, skeletons, skull sizes and DNA..Ignorant, bullying Hispanics, Blacks and some Indians smashed windows with large STONES, screamed abuse, called these educated, rational scientists ‘WAAAY CYSTS’ as the mob hissed and roared as scientists tried to enter a convention centre to share their knowledge…even calling them White SUE PREAM ISTS, which is, ironically, a racist term anyway. Some Indian tribe ( Florida I think) does not want a skeleton there taken away for indepth analysis saying it is against “their Culture’ to disturb a resting place (burial site.) and are trying to block it. It is not one of their ancestors at all…but it is an effective way to shut up knowledge or any challenge to indigenous status. In any case they are unearthing and finding these remains all over the place with new satellite-type technology and the first were discovered in 1940.. no.surprise that they were not made general knowledge! They are still finding them in 2012. The links above have excellent videos ..especially THE OLDEST REMAINS IN NORTH AMERICA WERE CAUCASIANS …you can see the difference in skulls, jaws, height etc….DEFINITELY no made in Africa there…….still watch out ..some ‘cultures’ still have a natural instinct learnt from Neanderthal time, or from Frankfurt school Marxists, to hurl stone missiles if anyone (even highly educated scientists in today’s world ) try to educate mankind. The arrogance of the ignorant and the brainwashed..strutting/posturing/screeching..hating logic and intelligence….but vicious in a herd stampede as they intimidated those learned men. IN A TIME OF TYRANNY– THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT —IS TELLING THE TRUTH….paraphrased George Orwell.

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