if Emma loses and she may lose, she will probably have her right to parent her children compromised, whether she is ruled “crazy” or criminal.

Originally posted on endzog:

We saw recently how Jacqueline Woodhouse was stitched up by her regime defence who surreptiously induced her to plead guilty late in the trial and so acknowledge the cultural Marxist ‘British’ Jewdiciarys right to try her on a political offence. The Marxist judge and arselicker of the Rothschilds plan for the genocide of the indiginous people of Britain added insult to injury by rejecting the plea thus allowing her to lose some of her political dignity and credability by having been induced to plead against her own truth and deny her own nation and race.

So she got no credit or thanks for entering their web, and it is feared the same tricks are now being pulled on Emma West by her legal team to present a defence of being insane at the time of the event.

Should such a defence be made in which Emma is induced to call herself insane after reports…

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  1. stressedoutidealist says:

    Everyone needs to be aware and spread the word so that if they try to take her children into care there will be demonstrations.

    • snoremonster says:

      I think they moved the trial to July, knowing that people would be on vacation and not on the internet. Summer is a great time (politically-speaking and this is a political trial) to cause a lot of damage and go unnoticed.
      Emma is not the first person in England to be convicted simply for shouting at a non-white foreigner. Emma has already been tried and convicted without a trial, the myth of having a day in court is a lot of crap that lawyers spout off about so you will waste your money hiring them.

      • stressedoutidealist says:

        Agreed, we must get the word out and I think there should be a flash demo after the verdict

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